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AW: E-pic Preview

So we had our engagement pictures taken yesterday. It was gorgeous outside, cool (finally) and sunny. Our photographer is really sweet and nice - she had to drive an hour from where she lives to take our pictures so she brought her husband and two little kids and made a day of it, haha. FI and I are awkward around cameras and never really get good photos, so I was pretty nervous going into this shoot, even though I've been stalking her photo blog and really love her work.

Anyway, she posted a preview picture on Facebook tonight. I like it in theory, but it seems...strange somehow. I guess maybe it's the way my neck looks (funky) or FI's hands look weird, or something. I think the background is prettier than we are.

There's only this one photo so far so I'm not sure if this is what all the photos are like.  Let me know what you think:

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Re: AW: E-pic Preview

  • Really? You are way too hard on yourself!!  I think it's a super cute pic!  You two look so happy and in love!

    Maybe you'll change your mind once you get the rest of your pics and see them all together.  But if you seriously are unsure of them, make sure you bring it up with your photog so she can make whatever changes she needs for your wedding!
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  • i love the picture!  I think the rest will turn out just as great if not better!

    ditto on if you're not happy with them! Talk to your photog!
  • Thanks guys. I am kinda neurotic, so I didn't know if it was just my insecurity that made me feel iffy about the picture or the picture itself. It helps to have outside opinions :)
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  • I think it's beautiful, but it might turn out not to be your favorite once you've seen the rest, and that's ok. There were several of our pictures that I didn't like. Not because of my photographer's skill, but because of my face looking weird, my hair being way out of control, my chin looking bad (lol), or me slouching. No bad pictures of FI though. Hehe. And I wouldn't normally think of him as the photogenic one.

    All that to say, wait it out. I'm sure you'll love them.
  • That pic is really nice. I agree with the others - wait til you see the rest of the pictures, and if you're still not a hundred percent happy, talk with your photographer. But my guess is you're going to be pleasantly surprised.
  • I think it is really nice.  Maybe it's just weird because you're not used to seeing pictures of yourself like that?  I was a little weirded out by the lovey poses, because most pictures of FI and I are self shots where one of our arms is sticking out in front of us, or other weird pictures.  Once I saw a bunch of them, I realized I really did like them. And then like BeautifulBride said, there are going to be some where your hair is odd, or your face is at a weird angle, but I bet you're going to end up liking a majority of them. :-)
  • I liked ours, and then I see y'alls .  All I can say is I have picture envy.  You guys have some great pics!
  • Thank you all so much :) I will wait and see what the rest look like. You're right, I'll probably like most of them after all.
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