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The Woodland's and La Bonne Boulangerie

Bad experience at both......The Woodlands' service was not good, electric shut down and a/c unit shut off during reception.   My groomscake ordered from La Bonne never showed up at the reception!  Would not recommend.

Re: The Woodland's and La Bonne Boulangerie

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    What did the Woodland's do to make the situtation better? That sounds terrible! Why did they say it shut off?
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    Oh they at first apologized for the inconvenience and then they completely denied everything when we took our complaints to a higher management level.   To this day, almost a month later, we still look back on our wedding reception and are so very disappointed that all our hard work in planning was basically ruined because of the incompetence in the staff at The Woodlands.  The only saving grace we have to look forward to is our honeymoon soon in Hawaii!! 
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