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May 2011 Weddings


Hey all my May 2011 brides! 
I've posted on here before, but then moved cross country and finally got settled down. How's the wedding planning going? I feel like I have nothing done yet, but we're only having 25 guests so there's not too much planning to do.

I promise I'll be on here more! Good luck to everyone!!


Re: Hello!!!

  • I moved from Chicago to San Diego, and I love it here!!!

    I live in Tierrasanta (I guess, that's what all my co-workers tell me)
    I love the Mission Valley area, I wanted to move there, but we moved to Tierrasanta to be closer to BIL and SIL.
    What's the best thing to do in San Diego? I feel like I always end up going to Pacific Beach or Coronado to check it out. I want to try something new!!

  • Hi and welcome back! Chicago misses you! Are you getting married out in CA or in Chicago?
  • Uneek-  I just moved here in June too!! I love the Gaslamp, I've gone there a few times and loved it! Let's definetely talk! My email is [email protected]

    And I'm getting married back in Illinois, at my In-Law's gorgeous house!

    Aimers-- I miss Chicago but I like living in San Diego! Nice and warm!! I'm going back next month for a week, and I hope it snows while I'm there
  • Welcome back!!!  I'm in Kansas and am moving to Arkansas so I don't know anything about the places you're name lol.  But good luck!!

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    Any and all God created. Each one is a masterpiece. :)

    I'm married!! As of May 1st, 2011. :)

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  • Welcome back! For what it's worth I would like to go to San Diego sometime to watch a chargers game!
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