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April 2010 Weddings

A Positive Shoutout (long)

I spent some time lurking on some other boards (WTF happened to 'wedding woes?' it's like a random and useless conversation-fest between 6 or 7 regs) and after all the "I hate my FIL" posts I decided to take some time to write why I love my families. Feel free to add your own!

Mom: the most awesome person alive. She helped me keep my head on straight, planned an awesome menu, helped organize, and always let me do things my own way. she is my absolute best friend (aside from DH, of course).

Dad: we're still repairing our relationship from when he was with his third ex-wife (she was the devil and poisoned him against his kids completely), but I think the wedding brought us closer together.

Stepdad: I love that he married us. It was fitting because he pretty much raised me, and welcomed DH from the get-go (which was weird because stepdad is really protective).

Brother: pretty much the best little brother ever (he's 18). He offered to do everything--help with parking, announcements, ushering, etc--all for a bag of mints (the traditional favor mints that I wasn't going to have). I admire how friendly and goofy he is and am going to miss him when he goes off to college.

Grandparents: they cooked up an incredible buffet that everyone marveled over. they are so supportive and always there for us.

MOH: my best friend and sister. We were stepsisters for about 7 years (dad's second marriage). she is so sweet and I can't wait for her wedding to make her day as great as she made mine.

Dad's girlfriend: I've only known her a year, but she was onboard with the entire wedding. she did so much for us, and even her young kids helped. finally, a relationship I approve of!

MIL: so NOT a monster in law! She pretty much gave us money and said, do what you want, get a great cake, and let me know what I can do to help. She is so kind, just wants the best for her son.

FIL: same as MIL, always welcomed me, just wants to help. he's so cool to hang out with. not sure yet about his girlfriend (she's a little grumpy), but he is totally awesome.

SIL: i wish I could be as bubbly and happy as her. She is so sweet, and jumped right in and offered to do my makeup like the day before the wedding (she sells mary kay products). and she did an awesome job, never expected anything in return.

Re: A Positive Shoutout (long)

  • My positive is I gained an AWESOME new SIL and her husband (Chris' brother) is a really great guy too!  I already can easily spend an hour on the phone just chatting and it's like she's more of a sister to me than my own!

    Unfortunately that's where the positive ends for me :-(

    I do hope that after the wedding stuff settles down that the drama family creates will settle down too. I don't understand how MIL or the like morph your wedding into "it's all about me" and turn it into "Mother of the Groom or ____ Day" - and this is when no one else was even invited!!!!! LOL (sorry, I do find it funny though).

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