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10 months, PIP and weekend plans

I feel like the last of the mochicans here lol. But soo happy to say that today marks the last double digit countdown =)
We've been soo busy lately I don't know which end is up.  We finally finished our save the dates and will be mailing them out sometime next week. I had such a horrible time with my printer...sooo glad thats over!
 Decorated the house for fall (it's not much but its sooo cute) and spent way to much time and $$ at the christmas tree shops lol.... Oh, we also got our favor boxes but I haven't decided what I want to do with them. I already have coral ribbon so I think I pay just throw a "mint to be" tag on them and call it a day. What else can we throw in a little 2x2 box?
Suggestions welcome!

Lastly, this weekend we are taking FI's parents to dinner at my parents. You'd think the queen was coming over the way my mother has been acting and asking about what food to cook. I know they get along so it should be a good time :)
What do you ladies have planned for the weekend?

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Re: 10 months, PIP and weekend plans

  • Relaxing!!! Nah, just kidding! My daughter has a soccer game Saturday so we will do that. Also, FI bought be NHRA tickets for my birthday in July and the races are this weekend! I am so excited! i havent been to the races since before I had kids, and my son is almost 17! We also have to squeeze in Hobby Lobby and Michaels in there. Plus Davids cause I need one more color. I didnt realize that if the dress I pick has a sash, I need a different color that the BM's. So, maybe relax on Monday!!!!

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  • im working out and cleaning this weekend. nothing spectacular.  ooo and giving a pit a bath who hates water lol
  • G2V, I love your fall decorations! When I was browsing at Party City the other day, I saw some scary Halloween stuff that I wanted to buy and put outside our apartment door to scare the crap out of all the little kids that live on our floor... LOL. But FI convinced me that was a bad idea. 

    Have your parents and FI's parents met before? My FI and I have parents and step-parents all over the place, and over the past year or so they have all met each other and hung out. They have even sought out each other's company when FI and I were not around, which I thought was pretty cool. 

    No big plans for the weekend yet. The weather is still really nice here in San Diego, so hopefully we will do something outdoors. Last weekend, we drove up to Julian (a little town in the mountains about an hour away) and had an awesome time browsing through all of the shops, eating some bomb ass BBQ, and checking out the nature and wildlife. We took our dog with us, and she freaked out when she saw a horse. Haha. We also saw a huge buck and a big group of doe (wild) that she was pretty excited about too. :) 
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  • I'm going to visit my parents.  My mom and I will be working out the design for our wedding invitations!  We're all going over to visit my sister in her new apartment and meet her two kittens!  My best friend/bridesmaid called today and said she's coming this weekend too!  We're going to try to do something "wedding-ish" but we may just get distracted.  She's bringing her little boy who is almost 10 months!!  I haven't seen him since he was 6 weeks old so I am super excited!!  FI is staying around home because he's helping with the Oktoberfest parade in town and he's also helping set up a haunted house that will be opening next weekend.
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