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October 2011 Weddings

another WR dream, this time not so nice!

I had another WR dream last night.  This was my first "bad" wedding related dream.  I've had a few others but they've always been happy/fun/random.  I actually woke up from this one anxious!!

Anyway, so the dream was that I was at a salon getting ready right before the wedding.  I wanted the stylist to dye my hair a silvery blue color (no idea why?!) but it turned out purple and I totally hated it.  I was really upset and I wanted her to fix it but there was only like an hour before the wedding.  And the salon was having problems with their plumbing, i.e. their toilets/sinks/beauty sinks were clogged and backed up.  They told me that they couldn't fix my hair until they had the plumbing fixed.  I was so mad that I had purple hair and they didn't even have time to do my nails!  I woke up in a panic and sweaty. 

Looking back on it it's such a funny dream, but man, I was so worked up over it!  Hahaha.  It was just a dream!

Anyone else have WR dreams lately?
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Re: another WR dream, this time not so nice!

  • Tip: Don't try to dye your hair the morning of the wedding...this way you can still get your nails done!


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  • I just died laughing... what a dream! That's definitely a dream I would have, especially since I deal with clogged and backed up drains for my job!
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  • I think purple would look better than blue anyway! haha!
    I had a similar dream not too long ago.. It's weird, cause I too, woke up freaking out!
    (Didnt have anyone invited to wedding the day of, fiance left me 2 hours away from wedding site, day of.. and I forgot to book all my vendors!) haha
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