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September 2011 Weddings

Centerpieces - how much poll?

Ladies, I am wondering where everyone's budgets are around centerpieces.  I just want to see where the average is falling. Also share your creative ideas  - thanks!

Re: Centerpieces - how much poll?

  • Having 10 tables, 100 guests, centerpieces (DIY) were $15 each.
  • Depending on how much my palm fronds will cost in Canada probably 30+ each, we're having 120ish guests, I'm assuming tables of 10... I've budgeted about 1000 for room decor, which would include my centerpieces, chair covers and anything else I need.
  • Well, I'm going pretty understated, so that explains my super-low cost.  My venue is just a really pretty jazz club, that has a bunch of nice-looking vases on the tables.  My plan is to put one or two roses in each of those and call it good.  
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  • i've got a similar vibe as kristen (if we end up booking the new place we found) they have bud vases of all different shapes and sizes that i can use.  so i am just going to put a few in-season flowers in each one and then a few candles. 
  • I'm having wedding photos of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, other family members as centerpieces.  Hoping to find some cheap frames and do some DIY decorating to them.
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  • I am having 9 tables of 8 and a sweetheart table.

    I am spending about $10-$15 on glassware and hopefully under $15 for the flowers and candles.
  • We have 18 Tables, and ours are about 11 each, I'm DIYing them. Should be fun!! I didn't think it was that bad, I took a picture of what I wanted to a decorator and they said it would be about 55 a table.
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    We'll probably do either floating candles with petals in cylindar vases with smaller voitives around them, or...vases with sunflowers or other in-season "woodsy" flowers  and vines surrounded by the votives.  We already bought 100 glass votive holders from someone on Craigslist really cheap.  They were brand new.  She "overbought" for her wedding and had these leftover--we just need to buy the candles for them.  The guestlist is about 100 now, (up from 80 earlier), and the tables will have about 6-8 people at each. 

    Still haven't decided on "Sweetheart Table" or "Head Table".  What are the rest of you doing about the "head table" dilema??
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  • Ours are £30 each which works out roughly $47 per arrangement.

    We will be having 11 of them so it works out $517 for our table arrangements
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  • Sadly and painfully, ours are about $225 a piece.  I am going with a larger flower display set on tall glass vases and small bowls alternating tables.  It blows my mind to spend this but can't find it less  for what I want w/local florists.
  • We really lucked out our venue has centerpieces that we're going to use.  So I chose the less then < $3 since they'll be free for us to use.
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