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Bridal shower - DONE!

I had my bridal shower yesterday and going into it I was kind of dreading the whole event, but it was an amazing time and I couldn't be happier!  We ate some food, drank champagne cocktails, played a couple of games and opened presents.  Very simple, but the group of ladies we invited all hit it off so well that the day was just fun and happy and I'll cherish it forever.  Now onto the wedding!  

Re: Bridal shower - DONE!

  • My Man-of-Honor is really good at making movies/PPTs, so he went a little overboard.  :)

    Ugh!  You're one step ahead of me with the thank yous.  I was planning to write them out yesterday, but my BFF is in town and staying with me until tomorrow.  I am also dreading them post-wedding.... maybe I'll make FI do the half for his family, and I'll do the other half.  Teamwork and all that :)
  • It was such a chore to get them done!  I definitely am making FI share in those responsibilities after the wedding.  Although I suspect a few of his friends won't actually get us a gift, so he'll have a lot less to write out!  LOL
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