Healthy Monday Check In

Hi ladies,
I hadn't seen anyone post this yet, so I thought I'd start it.

I am going to try to head back to they gym this week. It will be hard for me, as I've always gone with a workout buddy & she has cancelled her membership. But I need to just do it! I am sick of feeling over weight!

Re: Healthy Monday Check In

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    I've been trying to start eating right, journaling and going to the gym for months.  This weekend didn't help w/ the SuperBowl.  But I am going to weigh myself and start a journal today and hope to have a good report next Monday.

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    Starting a journal is a great idea!
    I also try to calorie count what I eat. It's suprising what you can eat in one day! I am suppose to keep my "calorie range" @ 1350-1500.

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    No weight change.  Started to track on WW again (ugh!).  Haven't exercised yet, but I also know I need to just do it as well!  Not think about it because if I do, I'll think up excuses! 
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    I was telling my MOH on Friday that if we, over the past year, had gone to the gym, at least 3 days a week, we would not be "looking" at ourselves like this! AND the time would have past just the same, yet we'd be hot again, lol :)
    See my point though? If we just do it, time is still going to pass just as it had, was and will... but we will be improving out bodies! I just need to get off my lazy butt & do it!!

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    Tuesday was my abs workout class and my cardio-strength class.
    Wednesday was my Broadway dance class.
    Thursday was a blissful day of rest.
    Friday was my hiphop dance class.
    Saturday was bootcamp (which I'm still sore after).
    Sunday was the Super Bowl, which wrecked havoc with all that work.
    Tonight's my core conditioning class.

    I think I am up about half a pound from last week. :(

    Oh well. Gonna shake it off and look forward to this week.

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    dreamwinds - with all that dancing (I'm jealous!), you're building a lot of muscle. Muscle also weighs more than fat so don't forget that some weeks you may gain on the scale but be losing inches.

    Dang - second week and I already forgot to post this! Maybe because I'm feeling super-guilty. I'm doing TERRIBLE! I was supposed to go back to WW a second time in Jan per my leader so that I could try and catch any weight gain rather than waiting a month. However, I was not feeling well so I went home and to bed instead. So of course, now I feel guilty about missing and don't want to go back plus I'm afraid of the scale. My only concession this week was to skip the Super Bowl Party since I don't really care about it and it would just put me in temptations' grasp for junk food and beer. (Oh, but then I picked up a burrito from TacoTime!) I was going to join the gym this week and FI told me not to because we've put an offer on a house and may be moving in a month's time so it wouldn't be worth the joining fee. But it's too dark when I get home to go for a walk!! I NEED to get some exercise! *pout*
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    Since FI and I have started to eat a little differently, I've lost 5.6lbs. :) Yay! Hopefully i can continue. I've had a cold for a week and so we still aren't going to the gym but that will change once I'm better. I feel guilty because we have candy at work a lot and I eat some sometimes.. ah!
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    Great job Sarack! 5.6lbs! 
    Just "Say No To Candy!"

    I actually say no to:
    Fast food, pop, beef, pork, & candy.
    I think it helps a lot to just cut something out of my diet.

    But on the flip side, I say yes to carbs & cheese! :)
    hee hee

    At my massage on Sunday, I was told to take a bath in Epson salt occasionally to rid your body of toxins. I'm gonna have to try this!!
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    I made it to the gym once last week! I did cardio and a back/bicep workout that I am still sore from. I am going to try for three days this week and a weigh in. I hope to be checking in with better news and results!
    Keep up the good work girls!

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    I worked out 3 times last week and stuck to my WW points every day (except superbowl) but I think it will about average out!

    I will weigh in tomorrow for sure but so far this week I was down 5 pounds! 

    I have to be REALLY good all week because we are going to the Melting Pot for our anniversary!!
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    Wow, therickson, great work!  Down 5 is awesome! 

    I made it onto the elliptical twice last week.  Just finished another round for tonight - tried to push myself an extra 20 minutes. Yay.  Getting back into the swing of working out has been rough.  I'm still not tracking on WW but at least I feel my motivation coming back.  Telling myself to think pretty skinny-mini in a white dress...  not chocolate. :-)
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    Hey ladies!

    I am rockin' the WW for the second week and am down almost another 4 lbs, brining the total to 16 for two weeks.  Thumbs up!
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