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NWR: Should I be worried?

Hey ladies...okay, so today I went into urgent care for some things that are going on.  Needless to say, they did a CT scan and the results came back that over the past 2 years I've had an enlarging fibroid growing on my uterus.  Tomorrow I go in for a pelvic ultrasound (after being violated today...not looking forward to it) and then on Monday I get the results.  So I don't want to work myself up, but it's hard not to when you hear fibroid on your uterus.  I mean, we don't have kids yet, and I'd at least like that to be an option for us....*sigh*...
Thanks for listening and I'm going to TIA for any advice/encouragement/wishes and I'll be back on here tomorrow ladies!
Have a good night and for those of you lovely ladies in the Midwest...stay cool!

Re: NWR: Should I be worried?

  • Oh sweetie :( I'm so sorry to hear that. I just saw your fb status and was worrying about you! I will be sending you many many of my T&P that this is something that can be easily removed and won't affect your fertility. I know someone who had a tumor on her uterus and Dr's were able to remove it and she is still able to get pregnant and carry a child with no problems. I hope it's the same for you. Please keep us posted. I'll be thinking about you lots! *hugs*
  • Hi honey. Don't panic yet. While fibroids can cause all sorts of problems and be a complete pain (yep have them myself!) it doesn't necessarily mean no kids. Where they are exactly comes into play and what symptoms they are causing you also. Depending on symptoms and location there are surgeries (and non-invasive treatment) they can do to remove it and preserve fertility . I just had 2 surgeries this summer for mine so I feel what you mean about violation Surprised  Good luck with the ultrasound!
  • Honey, I'm so sorry! While I've never had them, I have friends that had, and they are fine. Some of them have kids already, so don't you worry. My prayers are with you, and I know everything will work out for the best! Big hug!

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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this! I've had a similar scare, and I know everything will be ok. My thoughts and prayers are with you!
  • oh no! I'm thinking about you. keep us posted. That definitely is a scary thing to learn but don't discount and think the worst yet... like pp said - it doesn't necessarily mean no children.
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  • i would say its nothing to be worried about at this point. i know its a lot easier said than done. i would say just try to think positive.

    ::feel good vibes::: coming your way and your are in my t&ps.
  • I'm so sorry to hear this. Hopefully everything turns out okay. Sending vibes your way!!!!!
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  • I'm so sorry to hear this.Try to keep calm and don't jump to any conclusions.  You'll be okay. Tons of ::::healthy vibes::::: for you!

  • I'll be sending lots of good vibes your way for a healthy uterus! Good luck with everything and try to stay positive!
  • That sounds scary. :(   I'm sorry to hear, and I'm sending lots of ::vibes:: your way!!
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  • Thank you ladies for all the encouragement!  I decided not to go into work today as my ultrasound isn't until 3pm.  Figured that was smart as the last thing I need to deal with today is stress from my clients.  I get results back here's to hoping that things are "fixable"! 
  • ::healthy vibes:::

    But I wouldn't worry yet...hopefully everything comes out okay!
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  • Try not to stress about it too much. I'm really starting to recognize the mind-body connection and how much havoc mental stress can wreak on your body. So don't be worried! It'll only make your body weaker!  :::healthy vibes and vibes for positive thinking:::!!!
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