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Dress shopping this weekend! Any suggestions?

Hi Ladies,
I'm attempting this dress shopping once again.  I admit this time I feel a bit more excited about the whole adventure!

Do you have any suggestions for me?  As to how I need to prepare for this?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Dress shopping this weekend! Any suggestions?

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    I just found my dress this weekend! My best advice would be go with your gut. My biggest problem was wanting to please my consultant, because I felt bad about wasting her time, and in the end its about how YOU connect with your dress. Be open to the things your consultant pulls for you, because a lot of times she'll bring in something you weren't even thinking of, but make sure to tune in to how you feel in the dress once its on. You're gonna know whether you love it or hate it. I didn't want to take mine off once I found "the one"!! I went to 3 other appointments that weekend because I wanted to make absolutely sure of my choice. Turns out every dress I tried on didn't compare, and thats how I knew :) For the most part though, I started to see a trend with the dresses I did like and those that I didn't--pay attention to how you feel.

    As for preparing--before each appointment I checked out the list of designers each salon carried (if they have a website they'll usually list them), and browsed online to see what dresses from each designer I liked. I printed out pictures and style numbers in case they had it in stock so I could try on, and the pictures gave the consultants a very clear direction of what I wanted (I'm picky!). If you're not aware of pinterest by now GO JOIN (if you need an invite let me know), it will literally change your life lol! There are so many gowns on there under weddings that you can look at for inspiration. Knowing what you like (e.g. sweetheart necklines, a-line dresses) vs what you don't (e.g. mermaid style dresses, long trains, etc) will really help you clarify your vision. Have fun and good luck!!!

  • I'm goin dress shopping too!! :) Hope we both frind THE dress! After my first experience just dress "perusing" with my friends I know what to ask and what to look for. I totally agree about Pinterest!!! Helps SOOO much!
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  • I had a great consultant so if you feel like you are being rushed or the person gives any indication of being impatient with you that will make your experience less enjoyable.  I was sending my girl back and forth (I almost didn't want to but she just told me whatever you want I will get it don't worry) and she was GREAT about it.  I say try on one of each different dress styles (mermaid, A-line, strapless etc.) to get a feel for what you like best for your body/personality (b/c I do feel that I found my personality in the dress I chose lol) and then once you find the style you can look at the different dresses available in that same style (hope that makes sense lol!)  Overall just have fun with it, laugh with your friends/family and have a good time!  Maybe toast with a glass of champagne or wine before you hit the store (that's what I did when I went with my mom and sisters :-)) Good Luck!!!
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