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WFL confession

i just had an apple fritter before warming up my penne alfredo.  i'm tempted to just leave it at that. 

Re: WFL confession

  • loveshine1loveshine1 member
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    I think I'm going to go to Boston Market. I have to get a dress altered, and it's close by. And I'm so freaking hungry.
  • **O-Face****O-Face** member
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    Eggs and Oats for me...though I have a leftover chicken breast that sounds yummy too. 
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    somehow i managed to scarf down that alfredo (with chicken and asparagus, so it was 'healthy")

    but i'm tempted to break into another apple fritter.  so yummy.
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    I added extra cheese to my healthy choice meal, and now I'm having cheetos.
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