Rockland Farms vs Tea Barn

My Fiance and I are looking at Rockland Farms for our wedding in early Septemeber. We are looking for a nice farm location with a barn for the reception and outdoor field area for the ceremony. We had looked into Rockland farms and the idea of being able to do what we want to the location is great. I was wondering if anyone knew the price on it or if they had been/had their wedding there and how it was.

We were also looking at The Tea Barn in Cecil county. It looks very inexpensive. If anyone has any information on this please let us know as well.

Re: Rockland Farms vs Tea Barn

  • Check out the post I have as a sticky on top of this board. The tea barn will probably be less expensive but I can't remember if rock land allows outside catering or not (if it does that's how you save $)
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  • The Tea barn in Elkton is 400 for the 3 day rental and then to rent Paddock field (the feild right next to it for the ceremony) it's $150. I just booked mine today! ^.^ I think it has TONS of potential AND they let you hang and decorate however you want!!! There isn't any restrictions as far as that goes!
  • Vjarman - What is the date of  our wedding?  I am getting married at the Tea Barn on 9/14/13... are you getting a day of coordinator since there are no staff that come with the rental?
  • Same as the others.. mine is 3/23 at the Tea Barn and it was only $400 for the 3 days rental, we found an amazing caterer in Elkton also with great prices who are also willing to work as servers and bartenders and the prices are great!
  • Hi Shelwit1,

    Do you mind giving me the name of the caterer you found in Elkton? Have you done a taste test yet? Do you know if they rent tables, chairs, linens, etc.? Thanks!

  • I know this is a couple months late.. sorry!  I just realized that someone had responded lol.  We're using Chef on the Run, they are on S. Bridge Street. I found them online, we've done a taste test and the food was amazing.  Most entrees are 18.95 a person and they have tons of differant choices as well as for appetizers.  We're super excited to be working with them, they are fairly new, i think thats why their prices are still lower, they had told us that we'll be the 1st wedding at the tea barn that they do.
  • Is there a website for the tea barn farm? I am curious as to what it looks like and I cant find any pictures!
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