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Ceremony music question: Organ vs. String Quartet

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding ceremony music.  I've always really wanted to walk down the aisle to Canon in D, but the only version I really love is the string quartet version..it sends chills down my back! Problem is I'm getting married in a catholic church and so only options available there are an organ & piano. I also need to hire someone to sing because I don't want everything to be instrumental..and I don't think they'd want a recording of a string quartet played. Does anyone know how much string quartets actually cost? I'm assuming a lot! Is there any way to get the organ to sound a little more like an orchestra? I'm also assuming a string quartet would be a lot more than hiring someone from the church to play the organ & piano, so would make it very expensive when including a singer also?  Anybody with music experience have any thoughts? Thanks!

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Re: Ceremony music question: Organ vs. String Quartet

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    I reached out to about 5 string quartets and for ceremony and cocktail hour (so about 3 hours) ranged from $600 to $1,100.  I think just for ceremony (1 hour) that most of them were about $600.  We booked with one and now we're a little over budge so I'm debating on if we should just have our DJ who we are also paying for just play music, but I also want Canon in D played on the strings because it just is amazaing.
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    If you have a really good organist, and the organ is in good condition, they can make anything sound good.  I would check with the organist at the church and ask them to play a bit of what you want. 
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