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April 2010 Weddings

Gifts at wedding your thoughts??

When I could not afford to give cash and I purchased a gift I always shipped it because did not want to carry 12 champagne glasses. Call me lazy.
Now that I am planning my own wedding I realized having gifts at a wedding is a pain. We were told by our hall that we can have our gifts down stairs but we need someone to watch the table due to theft. Or have the gift table upstairs near us, so people would have to carry the gifts up the steps then all the gifts will have to go down the steps to be loaded into a vehicle. Which is someone else job. 
Then it is advise where ever the gifts go for the night make sure someone is there because thief’s are known for watching a house for a wedding.  So I need to delegate a gift handler.
It just has me thinking please send you gifts to the couples house so they do not have to worry about all this stuff.  
My folks and I are not from the area I am getting married most people that I trust are staying in a hotel.
On the other note I am thankful to receive gifts.

Re: Gifts at wedding your thoughts??

  • I think no matter what there will be people that will bring gifts to the wedding. I would just make sure there is a table designated for gifts. Some people may not want to ship due to shipping costs.
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  • I recently went to a wedding and the invitation said "no boxed gifts, please" at the bottom. I did not see a SINGLE gift at the wedding -- all cards with $$ (presumably) or I guess some people sent gifts directly to the house.

    I think this is totally acceptable, esp when people know you're not from the area!
  • People are going to bring gifts to the wedding I think regardless. Have someone from your bridal party take care of the gifts after the wedding and have them keep them until either you go pick them up either before or after the honeymoon.

    Keep in mind that it may be a hassle for people to ship gifts after the wedding - If it is a large gift then shiping will be expensive. I would have the gift table be upstairs close to everything going on - You could have a member of your bridal party just keep an eye on the table from time to time, but they don't have to stand guard
  • You should never mention gifts in anyway, in any form, for any reason on the invite.  That is horrendously tacky.  It maybe a pain to deal with but some people will just bring a gift to the reception.  Although if you are having your wedding out of town I'm sure a lot of people will ship them to you rather than deal with the hassle of traveling with them.  No matter how you get them be happy that people actually took the time and money to get you something. 

    rdoernberg --BTW the reason why there were probably no boxed gifts at that wedding was that the guests were offended by the tackiness of the invite and chose not to get them anything.  At least that's what I would have done. 
  • I am not going to say anything to my guest. It was just something I was just thinking about. I never realized the logistics of gifts.
  • wowzas. I wasn't offended and I don't think the 200 other guests who brought cards (and I know many of them were filled with checks, giftcards, etc. bc I was friends with many of the guests) were either.

    For the record I'm not having anything like that on my invites, but in my personal opinion I don't think it's the end of the world. Guess I'm just class-less, oh well!!

  • I would have the gift table upstairs where most people are.  Maybe after the dinner is done you could have someone load them up in a car (preferably a trunk so they are out of sight from thieves) so someone doesn't have to stand there all night.
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  • DAGNABBIT Rachel, have some class!!!  Just kiddin'.  :)

    Actually, my mom already told me that she and dad will take care of bringing the gifts home, as they did with my sister's wedding.  I was kinda havin' a greedy moment though, thinking how I'd like to grab up the cards so we can have some extra cash to take on the honeymoon.  :-p

  • you could position the gifts on a table on a wall near the middle of room... instead of by the door...but I dont think it is fair to have someone stand gaurd... it is tooo bad that we even have to worry about theifs. but sadly we do.

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  • I'm praying that no one brings a gift to our wedding because our wedding is an hour away from where we live and we would have to lugg it all the way home.
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