I leave on Wednesday!

Hi ladies!  It's been so long since I've been on here!  I've missed you guys but work has been so insanely busy.  It's usually not during this time, but I've just had to deal with it.  Haven't been getting much sleep and have been a bit moody, but super excited to be leaving soon.  I didn't get to use these boards nearly as much as I hoped, but definitely appreciate everything I got from it.  So thank you to everyone.  I'm still working on a ton of little things and still have to pack, but I'm just going to push through and get it all done!  I just wanted to leave a quick note in case I don't get a chance before I leave.  Thanks again to all of you and I'll make sure to jump back on here as soon as I can.  Laughing

Re: I leave on Wednesday!

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