Only a Half-Destination Wedding

So my wedding is a destination wedding for my college friends and FI's family but my family is all already in Hawaii. If I do a welcome dinner, is it appropriate to not invite in-town family and friends? Non-destination weddings usually just consist of the ceremony/reception part so is it unfair if that's all the people already in hawaii get? We want to welcome and recognize that people traveled far to see us but want to be careful to split our time that my family/friends don't feel excluded.... Any advice?
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Re: Only a Half-Destination Wedding

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    I have the same half-destination wedding situation - I grew up in Hawaii and my family and family friends are still there, but FI is from the mainland and we both went to college/grad school on the mainland.

    We are having a welcome cocktail party (drinks, heavy pupus) instead of a formal dinner, but inviting everyone (its going to be at my mom's condo complex party/pool area).  This way we get to see all of the people that are coming from far away and also get to spend time with the local people we dont see as much anymore.  Also, our party is from 4-7 on Friday, so some local people probably wont make it, which helped reduce the headcount a little.
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    Oops, hit post too soon.  While I think you have a good explanation for why local people weren't invited, I didn't want to have to feel bad about not inviting local people if they asked about our pre-wedding plans, and I really want to see everyone.  You're right, a local wedding would prob just be the day of events, but if you can swing it I think its nice to invite everyone (imo).  I guess it also depends on your total guest count and how unwieldy it might get to have two full blown events.

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