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Want to pull out my hair!

Well, I have been thrown in a loop last night and could not sleep at all! My dad may be layed off at the end of March due to downsizing from this new health care law. Part of me think he won't be layed off, but the other part of me think he just might be. When I was talking to my mom she was crying her eyes out telling me how bad she feels that they can't help out with the wedding because they have to save every penny they have. Which I understand and I want them to save their money. My dad has a military retirement which pays all the bills, but its going to be really tight for them. So I told my mom not to worry about it and the back of my mind I was thinking "Oh crap!"

So now, I have to buy my own wedding dress and I was playing around the idea of breaking down and actually doing catering and renting table clothes, but now that is out of the window. My fiance and I can cater if we really want too, but we are trying to pay off bills so we are more financially secure when I student teach.

So, the plan was the have sandwiched (the cocktail bun kind with real ham and turkey, not the lunchmeat kind) cheesy potatoes, corn, different salads, taco dip, chilli or some sort of soup and the other side things that you usually see at a reception. We are not having booze due to my fiance's family not being able to control themselves.

Now, with the table clothes. We are buying the nice plastic plates from Sams, the ones that look like class and as well as the drinking cups. My colors are brown, burgundy, and ivory. I have silk burgundy flowers already purchased. I am thinking I just should use plastic table clothes, but I was also thinking about using burlap.

Our wedding is on two o'clock in the first weekend of October, at an old farm stead with the barn converted into a dance hall.

Need some help and advice.

Re: Want to pull out my hair!

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    For your dress, consider getting a bridesmaid dress in white or even check out Prom dresses that should be coming out soon if not already. You will save a ton of money there. Also, David's Bridal frequently had their $99 sale. 
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  • I've been accumulating white plates and tableclothes from thrift stores.  I despise paper plates and tablecloths. And there is no harm looking at their wedding dresses.  And yard sale season is just around the corner.

  • OliveOilsMomOliveOilsMom South Jersey member
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    I would also check out the website where brides re-sell their gowns.  I think oncewed.com is one.  And check out the classified section of TK here for dresses too.

    If your ceremony is starting at 2 pm, then it is a non-mealtime.  Consider having just cake and punch, light apps and dessert, or all desserts. 

    Use an ipod instead of paying for a DJ. 

    Try the classified sections here on TK for table clothes too.  Some brides find that purchasing table clothes in bulk online is cheaper than renting them.
  • David's Bridal has great deals on dresses.

    You could always do a buffet bar with sandwiches and get some potato salad and whatnot. Even a pig roast. It is definitely do able having a tight budget. I've seen it done under $5000 including the dress, so find corner that you can cut and utilize friends and family, everyone knows someone with connections!!  :)

    Its a stressful time, but it can be done and it can look fantastic! Have fun with it and use lots of DIY ideas.
  • I agree that David's Bridal has a ton of great dresses for great deals.
    You can also get a plain dress and "dress" it up with different accessories.

    I'm finding that the biggest costs for our wedding is food and photographer.
    If you are doing a laid back wedding, you can also do a pot-luck style - I've known a lot of people recently who have done a pot-luck reception and they turn out great! 

    For a photographer, we asked friends if they knew any aspiring photographers - it helped us save lots of money and also gives them an opportunity to add to their portfolio.
    We also saved money by asking them just to give us the uneditted photos so we can edit how we want it.

    You can also ask friends and family to take pictures - giving them alist of what you want and then just take a ton!
  • For a wedding dress check on tradesy.com/weddings (formerly recycledbride.com). People resell their wedding dresses and there are designer gowns on there going for just a few hundred bucks. 
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