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House of Blue Foundation Room Menu package pricing?

Hi All

I loved the House of Blues Foundation room. Does anyone have the prices for the Different reception package menu options?  Office are closed right now!
I didn't see any posted on here.

Re: House of Blue Foundation Room Menu package pricing?

  • I believe a full buy-out on a Friday or Saturday is somewhere around $18k.  I'm not sure if they have smaller packages where you'd just pay for the actual food and drinks as a per-person charge but contact Amber; her info is at

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  • We were quoted a $16,000 food and beverage minimum for a buyout of a Saturday night in August 2013, but we were flexible with dates (basically we said, "we'll take any Sat. night with the lowest minimum.")  This would have given us exclusive access to the outdoor patio as well as the main dining room.  Definitely reach out to Amber, she was very helpful.  She was able to give us a sample menu to show us how we could feed 100 people (with bar) for about $16,000.  If I remember correctly, it was a cocktail style reception with food stations and not a sit down meal. 
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  • Also don't forget there will be 20% (gratuity) + 8.1% (tax) added to whatever amount you're quoted.

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  • We had our reception cocktail style with a FB minimum of 5000. It was on a Monday and we used the patio area only for 65 guests. Amber is great to work with and quick to answer questions.
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