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Looking for an idea of prices for wedding vendors


We are still in the process of finding a wedding reception venue.  However, I have no idea what to expect for the prices of the other vendors we will need.  If any of you could give me the average cost of what the following vendors charge for a wedding, that would be wonderful!  Thanks so much!

1.) A good DJ for the reception
2.) Florist
3.) Photographer
4.) Cake

Re: Looking for an idea of prices for wedding vendors

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    1.  I'd say the average is $1,000-$1500. 
    2.  I'm working with someone who does it on the side so I'm only paying $1,000, but I'm not sure what the average is for a normal florist and it also depends on your needs for flowers. I do know that it can cost as much as $3k or more for flowers.
    3.  I would say average is about $3k-$5k.  Originally I thought that was a lot but when I priced a few out they were all about the same and I feel that you pay for what you get.
    4.  I'm getting a dummy cake with sheet cakes in the back and paying $700.  I've been told that's a good price though.

    HTH - It definitely gets overwhelming, but it's definitely important to shop around so you know you're going to get what you want.
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    This is going to be hard. My pricing on some thing is so varied from other brides.

    1 - $400: a family friend with a great business. You should expect
    2 - $4000: a family member owns a floral design business, and is cutting a huge deal on the amount of flowers we're using. You can expect anywhere from $1000-8000 in this area.

    3 - $???: I am using DB and haven't picked my package yet. You can get photographers around here for $800-10k.

    4 - I have no clue. I'm not paying for it!
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    I agree with PP, pricing varies on what you are able to spend. I can add on to the prices that I was quoted while booking my vendors...

    1.) A good DJ for the reception: $800-$2,000: Ours is $1,800 but includes uplighting, monogram lighting etc.
    2.) Florist: Under $1,000 to over $10,000: I had some outrageous price quotes for flowers. I ended up with $3,000. Totally depends on type of flowers, number of bouquets, centerpieces, etc.
    3.) Photographer: Again, under $1,000 to over $10,000, it depends on the packages, number of hours etc. We ended up with DB and going with a $3,000 package.
    4.) Cake: I feel like I am repeating myself again haha, it depends on the design, flavor etc. I was quoted from $2-8 a slice.

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    1.) A good DJ for the reception
    Around $800-$2000.  We're using Alan of MoondanceDJ.com and the prices are on the website
    2.) Florist
    Depending on what you need.  For 10 centerpieces, my bouquet, 2 bm bouquets, 2 wrist corsages, I'm budgeting $1500 (including tax, deliver & set-up)
    3.) Photographer
    $1000 and up.  I have budgeted $3000.
    4.) Cake
    Depending on what you want.  You can see the prices I got from 5 bakers for the cake that we wanted at http://www.ayleebits.com/tag/cake-tasting/.

    You can go to http://costofwedding.com/ and enter your zip code.  It will show you a range of costs for each element of a wedding.
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    I agree with everyone else-it really depends on your budget and what you're looking for. For example, photography is really important to me so we're spending a lot on that whereas invitations aren't important to me, so we're going the cheaper route. I would say that you should prioritize your vendor list and go from there. I use an Excel spreadsheet fo keep track of the budget, due dates, actual vs estimated costs and what's been paid etc. I know it's super nerdy but I'm a grad student for a reason. If you want me to send you my excel budget worksheet-it has all the formulas in it etc-email me at [email protected]
    Also remember that you can and should always negotiate the pricing (especially if they own their own business). One vendor told me that most vendor factor this in to their published prices so the published prices are higher than what they are willing to give the service for. And, even though it's a huge pain, shop around-get as many quotes as you can for the major vendors. Some vendors will match other vendors' pricing which gives you more options and you can base decisions on who you like rather than price.  It's fairly easy to get many quotes via email, but it is time consuming. I'm out of state so I've spent hours and hours googling, emailing, etc etc. Also be sure to ask if tax is included in the package (this can add on a good chunk of money in the end). When you do decide which vendors/services are most important to you, book them first as the good vendors book pretty far in advance.
    I know that you wanted to know pricing on photog, cake, DJ, and florist, but make sure to factor in catering, venue fees, ceremony music, transportation, lighting, invitations, rehearsal dinner, honeymoon, DOC etc. I'm sure you know all this but initially I didn't even factor in some important parts of the budget or I thought I didn't need something and then I wanted it. There are definitely ways to cut corners with each service so that you can get what you really want. Wow I'm sorry that was so long. Can you tell I've been in planning mode (when I should be in dissertation mode) for too long? Feel free to contact me if you need anything (this goes for anyone else too).

    1. DJ-I got quotes (and saw prices) as low as $750 and as high as $2000 for a full night.
    2.Florist-for the same exact number of flowers, 6 bouquets,  7 boutinnieres, 10 centerpieces, corsages for moms/grandmothers, aisle, entryway table, cocktail tables and fireplace arrangements, my quotes ranged from $1300-$2600 (I even asked for the same type of flowers etc).
    3. I'd say that the least expensive package that I saw was about $1500 (but I hated their style of photography) and as high as $7000 (the packages vary greatly in number of hours, albums and types/quality of albums included, DVD with printing rights, engagement session, etc). We're spending $4000 because it's really important to us and that includes unlimited hours, an album and a photo station.
    4. cake-I can't help with this because it's part of our catering package (Morin's); but to save money you could use a small cake to cut and a sheet cake in the back, go with buttercream instead of fondant, or go with less exotic cake flavors and fillings which tend to cost more.
    Wow...sorry again for the length.
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    My DJ is charging 1200, dont have his website but will get it, he did my friends wedding last year at the Biltmore

    Florist, I am using Tami at www.tamarareiddesigns.com my flowers are probally going to be 3,000 but, i have a large wedding party, I can give you the break down when i get it.

    Cake, using dessert works, about 3.50 per slice but, like others have said a smaller cake with a sheet cake in back is a huge money saver.

    photography, www.bellaarteimagery.com 3200 but, that includes all of the negatives

    hope this helps

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    You can break down how much to spend based on your total budget.  For example, flowers are 20% of the total.  I think there's a tool somewhere that will help you with the percentages. 

    There are a ton of DJs around here that are in the $800 range.  Photographers vary greatly - it depends on what you want included in your package.  And cake will vary based on how many guests you're having.  We spent $300 for 100ish guests. 

    HTH.  We were on a very tight budget.  You can email me if you want some tips.  I googled for months for the best deals on things.  My email is jlsimon56 at hotmail dot com. 
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    I also agree with all the pp. Prices vary quite a bit, depending on the style, what is included, etc. I would say the best thing you could do is determine your overall budget and figure out percentages from there. You could probably google some type of budget breakdown for weddings, or the knot may have one as well. I found one in a bridal magazine I got when I first started planning and that gave me a good starting point.

    From there I really just started researching vendors... I started with venues and then photography. Anything I came across that I was interested in, I sent an email to get more information...that was the easiest way for me to compare prices and narrow things down.
     DJ-we are paying $1500 for 5 hours
    Florist- $2300 for my bouquet, 6 BM, 7 bouts, 2 FG, 12 ceterpieces, mantle decor--this will vary a lot based on the types of flowers you choose
    Photography-$3000 not including an album--this vendor varied the most in cost for me, but there are a lot of options out there! HTH good luck!

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    Like everyone says you can find a huge range for all of the following but here is what I'm paying for my Saturday wedding in August of about 120 people:

    1.) DJ --$1500--(Rythm Productions)This is the price for the reception, if I book him to play ceremony it will be an additional charge. I did look at a photographer that was about $900 and would have booked them in a heartbeat if they weren't already booked for my day.
    2.) Florist--$1775--(Jeff & Co) I picked a florist that works from his home and told him what I was willing to spend. This is going to cover 10 centerpieces, 4 bridesmaids, my bouquet, a bunch of corsages, cake decor, bathroom arrangement, 2 ceremony arrangements, wreaths for the doors, and three arrangements for fireplaces. This vendor has been getting some mixed reviews lately but I was willing to risk it for the price and we really clicked at our meeting.
    3.) Photographer--$3000--(Andrea Hansen) this includes 6 hours of coverage, a second shooter, a dvd, a proof book, and rights to photos. My package doesn't include an album. All photogs I looked at were around $3500 for the above package. You can generally get photogs for cheaper and also for a lot more money.
    4.) Cake--$385--This includes a buttercream cake with three different flavors. I booked with Corby's. I found Shemry's cakes to be delicous and very reasonably priced. I am also going to have her do a grooms cake for me but I haven't contracted her for it yet so I don't have the pricing.

    Here is the pricing on some other stuff:
    Officiant: Skip Sweeney $250
    Site Rental and ceremony: Glen Manor House $7,500 (I will also have to pay for tables and chairs)
    Catering: Glorious Affairs approximately $12,000--this will include a top shelf open bar, 4 passed Hors D’ Oeuvres, and stations set up for dinner.

    Good luck with everything!

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    1.) A good DJ for the reception: between 700-1500. I used Moondance ($775)
    2.) Florist 500-3000  I used Golden Gate ($1200)
    3.) Photographer 850-5000 I used Kryztyna Harber ($895)
    4.) Cake  500-1000   This was included as part of my package from The Radisson (FREE)
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    My personal costs.
    DJ- $900
    Florist is $1600 including centerpieces
    Photographer (DB) $2800
    and Cake is $500 for a sheet cake ($2 a slice) and a dummy cake. Diane's Edibles.
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    1. We are not having a DJ but a band. We got a discount because they are also our clients. $900
    2. We are budgeting our flowers for $1500, 20 centerpieces, 1 bouquet, 4 corsages (my bridesmaids are carrying fans) and 8 bouts for the immediate family and the rest of the bridal party. I've not included taxes or delivery yet in that budget.
    3. Photography - $3200 for full day coverage
    4. As for Cake, we are getting a tower of cupcakes with a mini cake for $350. Another client owns a bakery and she has offered to do it.

    I try not to compromise on quality or taste but I did do a great deal of research and the board has been really helpful especially vendor reviews. I looked for ways to cut cost like since we are not cake people, cupcakes were a great alternative. Our caterer charges a cake cutting fee for $85 so that is one less expense we have to worry about.
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    Thank you everyone for your responses!  This definitely gives me a good idea of prices. 
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