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Who should host my Bridal Shower?!?!

My wedding is in the hometown of my FI - none of my family members live nearby so they will all be OOT guests.  My FMIL has mentioned on numerous occasions that she wants to throw me a shower the weekend before our wedding.  There is no way any of my family can/would take an entire week off work to travel for a shower and a wedding.  Is it all right for her to host a shower for only her friends and family?  Even my mother wouldn't be able to make it.

Also, my sister, also my MOH mentioned how she wanted to throw a shower with my mother, but in order for our family to attend it would have to be just a few days before the wedding- I feel like this is just asking people to take extra time off work and buy extra presents.

How do I deal with these conflicting showers and my nagging feelings of asking for too much?!

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My FMIL wants to throw a shower but my family can't attend, and my MOH also wants to throw a shower but only a few days before the wedding, asking OOT guests to come early with extra gifts.   What to do?

Re: Who should host my Bridal Shower?!?!

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    Don't have the showers so close to your wedding. That would really be expecting alot from your guests. You could have two separate showers, in each town, just move them up a month or so, and keep them on the smaller, intimate side.
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    I agree with PP. The last thing you want to be doing a week before your wedding is going to a bridal shower. There's nothing wrong with having 2 bridal showers if there are guests in both areas. Just make sure your FMIL is coordinating with your MOH so the showers don't end up on the same date.
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    Thanks girls!  I guess I should add that I also live oot from our wedding venue, and that my family is spread across the country.  I don't think it's necessary for my FMIL to host a shower the week of the wedding, but she "really wants me to have one."  I suppose if she feels it's appropriate to invite her friends and family to a shower the same week than that's her perrogative.  

    I've since talked to my mother and she also thinks it's tacky to ask her family to travel for a shower, whether it be the week before the wedding or not, so I think we've dodged the issue of dueling showers, and of too much traveling!
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    Not to mention, it seems like a pretty big burden to ask people to attend two big gift-giving events so close together.
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    Just decline both showers. You can see them all at the wedding, and they can bring you a gift then.
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