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October 2011 Weddings

To veil or not to veil...

... that is the question. Prior to my dress fitting I had imagined wearing a veil. After actually wearing one (the put one on me at my fitting once I said "Yes" to my dress) I'm now reconsidering. I could not wait to get the thing off. My mom kept her veil and we were thinking about using it, but now I'm not so sure. The thought of putting another veil on makes my skin crawl just a tad. I've been told by several people that I will regret not wearing a veil. 

What are you ladies doing? Veil? No Veil? Dish.
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Re: To veil or not to veil...

  • i am wearing a veil....but thinking i will shred it for the reception
  • I have been talked into one- but only for the ceremony. my hairdresser is making it easily removable!
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  • I am wearing one for the ceremony only also. 
  • I originally wasn't going to wear a veil, but the dress I was originally intending to get would have looked silly with one.

    I am now wearing an elbow length veil since the dress I did get looks good with one.  However, once the pictures and first dance are done (so during the toasts probably) I have every intention of taking it off, so I'll have to tell my stylist to keep that in consideration when doing my hair.
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  • I wasn't originally but I actually just bought one/changed my mind this week. I'm going with a birdcage veil because the style will go well with my dress. If I decide the day of not to wear it, that's fine... but I'll at least have the option.

    I like that I have that option!
  • I'm doing a birdcage veil for the ceremony only.
  • I am wearing a veil for the ceremony only. I actually just picked it up today! I wasn't that excited about my veil and really only ordered it when I bought my dress because the consultant paired the two together and everyone commented on how great it looked. I think it was the "high" of buying my dress. However, after picking it up today I like it a lot more than I thought I would! I think it will complete my look and be what makes me feel like a bride.

    That being said, I have a few friends who did not wear veils (one wore a flower and the other nothing) and neither of them regret not wearing one.
  • I'm doing a veil off the back of my head (not covering my face at any point) and will decide later if I want to shed it after the cemony.  Or maybe I'll wear it through part of the reception then take it off.
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  • I'm not wearing a veil.  I always thought I would, but I tried on a  couple when I first tried on gowns and I didn't like it on me.  I kind of felt like I was playing dress-up.

    I will be wearing a gorgeous flower fascinator though.
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  • I am wearing a veil, with a blusher.  It's the one thing that my Mom feels really strong about, so yep, wearing it.  The blusher part of it is on a separate comb though, so that'll come out for the reception.
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  • I always envisioned wearing one, but it just doesn't feel like "me" when I've tried them on.  We'll see if I change my mind, but for now I'm not planning on one.
  • If I wear one at all, it will only be for the ceremony, and it will not be in front of my face. I'll have it pulled back. I honestly don't want to wear a regular veil though. Maybe a birdcage or something. But, I probably wont. I'm waiting until my dress comes in before I decide one way or another.
  • I'm not wearing veil. We're getting married at the beach on the ICW and I see that going all kinds of wrong. It can be pretty windy and I really don't feel like having it slap me in the face every five minutes.
  • I'm wearing a veil for the ceremony and pre-wedding pics. I love my veil, but I'm taking it off for the reception because the back of my dress has beautiful detailing, and I want everyone to see it.

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  • I'm wearing a veil for the ceremony only.  It would drive my nuts having that strapped to the back of my head all night.
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  • I am wearing a Veil but only for the ceremony and pics I think I will remove it for the reception
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    a veil attached to the back of my head for ceremony only - but i am also an outdoor bride and will prob choose to forego if a windy day!
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  • I'm wearing one and will remove it if I get tired of it during the reception. I'm going to have my hair down though, so I imagine I won't even notice it after awhile as it'll just seem like an extension of my hair. If it does bother me, it can easily be removed
  • I ran into the exact same issue, but I decided to wear one just for the ceremony!
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  • I am not wearing a veil, only because our wedding is on the beach and I was afraid it would be blowing all over the place and hitting me in the face. I may still buy one and wear it for some pictures...haven't decided yet!
  • I'm wearing a mantilla veil (lace edge) for the ceremony only.  I have a flower headband that I'm going to wear for the reception.
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