Need help...with everything!!

Im planning my own wedding in the Dayton area....i have no idea what im helping...im in it all myself, with not help from anyone but my fiance...im freaking out!!!!

Re: Need help...with everything!!

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    First of all welcome. The ladies here are very helpful so for any specific question you have, chances are, someone here has an answer.

    Now, in what stage of the planning process are you? Do you have a reception venue booked? Are you having the ceremony there or somewhere else? Do you know who's officiating?

    Would you like us to give you a step by step outline of when to book vendors and tips on how to pick each one? Or do you just need to bounce around ideas about colors, decor, dresses, flower selections, etc.?

    If you feel like the whole process is too overwhelming, you might look into hiring a wedding planner. Betsey Beech in Dayton is inexpensive and some ladies on here have been very happy with her. Although there are other planners out there.

    Good luck to you. Let us know if you have specific questions. 

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    IG has some great suggestions, but first things first:

    Do you have a budget, and do you have an approximate guest count?  You'll need those two things before you start booking anything else.  A date is also important. Wink

    Once you have those two things decided, you'll want to start thinking about what type of "feel" you want for your wedding (modern, traditional, old-world, whimsical, black tie, casual, etc) because that will help you when you look at ceremony and reception venues, the first things you'll probably wat to start booking.  You'll probably then want to start looking into photographers (just ask here for suggestions and you'll get A TON).  We also booked our videographer early (actually we booked him before anything else) but that's because I fell in love with his style and new that we HAD to have him - we would have worked our dates around having Lifetime. 

    After that, you can slow down for a bit and just enjoy the planning process and the fact that you're engaged.  Lurk and ask questions here and elsewhere about the vendors others are using, and about the ideas they're having for their own weddings to help you determine what you like and don't like.

    If all of this sounds way to overwhelming, I'd HIGHLY recommend looking into a wedding planner.  We used Kristen Kloth with Tres Chic Event Planning and were THRILLED.  www.treschiceventplanning.com

    Good luck!
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    Our photographers are from Dayton.  It's 808 Studios.  They aren't the most expensive we looked at but are far from cheap.  They do some absolutely amazing work and have some really neat ideas.  Their website is www.808photos.com
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    I'm a Dayton bride too getting married in July -- just post about anything you need help with and you'll definitely get responses and advice!
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    hah, no wonder I neglected to mention setting a budget, I failed at that task miserably. 
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    My photographer lives near dayton...No 9 images with Robert Hogan. Did an excellent job for my june 09 wedding... www.no9images.com.

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    I am also a Dayon bride in your same situation.. and i feel completely overwhelmed!  The above ideas have been helpful for me as well.. thank you!!!
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