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Given A Free Wedding Gown! Is it a DO or a DON'T? HELP!!!

So... A friend of mine gave me a brand new wedding gown that has never been used from David's Bridal and it is from this past fall's collection. The gown is beautiful (heavy as hell) and perfect for our winter wedding. I've never tried it on but it is my size. In July I had tried on a bunch of gowns and feel in love with a strapless chiffon A-line that was around $600. The gown I was given is the same price and really pretty but I don't know if I should wear it. It was free, it's really pretty, strapless (just more fitted in the waist and hips), and really sparkly.I love sparkly things!

Should I wear on our wedding day?

It needs to be altered because I plan on loosing 20 pounds by next December. I don't know what to do. Would David's Bridal even alter it, seeing as I didn't personally buy it from them?

Your words of wisdom are greatly appreciated friends.
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Re: Given A Free Wedding Gown! Is it a DO or a DON'T? HELP!!!

  • I think you should get into the one that was given to you. If you love it -- then wear it. You have to love it, or you're going to regret choosing that one everytime you look at your wedding photos. It's really important that you love the dress that you choose to wear on your wedding day. FYI -- if $600 is too much money, David's has a payment plan that you can pay monthly, that's what I did for my dress!
  • I agree with the PP.

    I think DB will alter it, even if you didn't personally buy it from them, because it's still one of their gowns.
  • If your local board is active, I would check and see if there is someone independent that girls in your area use for alterations.  We are so lucky to have one on the Dallas board--she has been a lifesaver for many of us.  They will likely be cheaper than a bridal salon.

    As for the dress--only you will know which one is "the one" and which one isn't.  FWIW, chiffon seems a little light and flowy for a winter wedding but that's just my $.02.
  • I think if you love the gown then use it, but if there is any question then get the one you love.  Everyone told me I would know my gown when I tried it on.  I had tried on lots of dresses until that one.  I just knew it was the gown for me.  I'm sure DB will alter it.
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