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XP: RSVP postage and international guests

I'm pre-stamping and pre-addressing the RSVP envelopes.  For your international guests, what do you do regarding the postage?  Do you just not put any postage on it since our stamps won't work for them?  Then they would be responsible for paying the postage themselves?  Not sure how this works and what the proper way to do this is.
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Re: XP: RSVP postage and international guests

  • We were just talking about this on another post, just a few below (though the part about international postage wasn't in the title, so it's understandable how you'd miss it.) There were a few of us that agreed that it's okay not to attach postage. I also think it would be a nice gesture to include phone and email info in case it is pricey to mail the card back.
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  • Since USPS stamp won't be honored in other countries, it's useless to put postage on the respond envelopes.

    You can insert a small card with "please respond to instead.
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