Chivari chairs - where are you getting yours from and how much $?

My location (in downtown chicago) offers white or black chair covers included in the price of ther per plate meal. I don't like the look of chair covers.

I can decline the chair covers and get a $5 per plate discount and use that money towards chivari chairs, which I love.

Does anyone have any recommendations on who they used for their chivari chairs and how much were they per chair + delivery, etc.


Re: Chivari chairs - where are you getting yours from and how much $?

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    I got mine through my venue (Waterford Banquets), and they charged me $4/chair. The venue coordinator told me they can run anywhere from $4-12 per chair. I'm sure you could find them for $5-6 per chair; I wish I had a resource to give but I don't. IMO they look a lot nicer than chair covers.
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    We are getting ours through Hall's rentals and they are 5.25 a chair for the natural wood ones. I know that the colored ones were a little more but we just decided to go with the cheaper ones.
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    Prestige offers good prices on their website.  I didn't call them to find out about delivery/set up/etc. because we ended up getting our chivari chairs included at the venue (it was a really great promo).  Anyway, here's the link:
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    We're getting ours through our banquet hall, Concorde Banquets at $5/gold chivari chair.
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