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Florist, DJ, Decor/Ceremony HELP!!!

Hey girls,

So I'm getting married in June at the W Hotel here in Seattle. I have pretty much everything figured out and the two things that I'm having issues with is Vendors for Flowers and a DJ. I'm also trying to find a decent price for Ceremony decor. The backdrop at the W Hotel is dark brown velvet tall curtains. My colors are Silver, Charcoal, Fuscia and Light Pink, White/Blk too. My dress is my profile pic. I bought tons of 24" cylinder vases to use at my wedding...I want peonies and more modern flowers. I met with 2 gals, Flora Nova, min quote was 4k and Rented Elegance was min 5k up to 8k! That was just for floral, all wedding party, centerpieces, ceremony altar thing...it just seems so expensive to me...anyone else know of any modern florists or anyone using Pike Place flowers??

Thanks for all your help, sorry it's so long, I never come on here so I wanted to get it out all at once!!

Re: Florist, DJ, Decor/Ceremony HELP!!!

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    i've met with a florist that i really liked but decided that flowers are just not that important to spend a bunch of money on. i'm using pike place flowers. you should meet with sharon d from perfect petal. she is really nice and her prices really can't be beat..

    also, we are using jeff hill as our dj. he is a favorite on this board. you should look into him.
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    I did look into Jeff Hill, I may set up a meeting with him. I'm really wanting more of a party atmosphere rather than a stuffy wedding...so hopefully that is his style. The gal at the W Hotel recommended Austin Beaver, she said he's great but also comes at a price...ugh, decisions! I wish they all made mini demo tapes to us brides!! Who are you going thru at Pike Pl for your flowers?
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    i haven't gone down there and talked to any one because its so far from my wedding. i'll probably head down there after the new year sometime to talk to vendors. i've heard some good stuff from girls on here.

    a couple girls mentioned you go down, tell them what you want, and give them a deposit. they'll get everything for you on your day or whenever you want it and then you pay them when you pick everything up.
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    I don't know what she would cost but try Melanie Benson Floral Design @ www.melaniebensonfloral.com
    She did my wedding and is a coworker of mine. She is wonderful to work with.
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    I haven't done anything about a dj yet, but from my research I'm thinking of using Generation X Productions.  They have good online reviews.  No help w/ a florist, I'm just gonna get a bouquet and nothing else. 
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    We're using MIki Maxi - she has been super - and she has a lot of great ideas.  http://www.mikisflowers.com/weddings.html

    She's also the featured florist at a wedding show at the Georgetown Ballroom in a few weeks - shoot, i can't find the emali with the info.  Anyway, that might be a great way to check out her stuff! 
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    I don't have any of those things booked either, lol.  However, I am DIYing my flowers (either Pike Place or a local dahlia grower), so I'm no help there other than to say that if you think you can do it, DIYing flowers will save you thousands of dollars. 
    I still need a DJ too, and my mom and SIL actually really want us to book Austin Beaver because he did my brother's wedding, and the party WAS incredible.  I'm just not sure the dancing part of my wedding is as important to FI & me to justify his cost.  He is as good as his reputation says though, so if you want to keep people dancing all night, he'd be a good one.  HTH!
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    I don't have a floral rec for you, but as far as a DJ I'm using Chris Graves of YourSong Entertainment. I too was looking for a party atmosphere and I think he will def'n bring that. He is very cool and lots of fun. I think a few other Seattle Knotties are using him as well. His website is a bit formal looking, but once you talk to him you will realize he's not stuffy at all. From what I understand he is well known in the wedding industry as well. My wedding planner was super excited when she herad he was my DJ.
    HTH. Good luck in your search.
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    I'm using Costco.com for flowers
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    I am also using Chris Graves for my DJ... for flowers I am using Kendra from Loves me flowers.
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    I too am using Kendra with loves me flowers. I love her!!

    Another florist I met with and loved who unfortunately had to turn down (too bad you can only pick one!) is Tanya with elements in bloom. Her portfolio has some gorgeous modern bouquets and she is a delight to talk to.

    Hope this helps!
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    My friend Jimmy is an AMAZING DJ and incredibly affordable. 

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    I'm going to be using farmer's market flowers for WP flowers, and I have a family friend doing my centerpieces. As for the DJ, FI and I are it, we're gonna use a laptop as our massive Ipod!
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