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so I have some cousins that i want to invite but i'm not sure what name goes on the invite. they live with their father. two are in their 20s and the other two are in high school. I'm not inviting their father  but I am inviting their mother (my aunt).

do i send one invitation for all my cousin and another to my aunt
or do i send invit to each adult and include the high school kids on my aunts invit

please help

Re: Name on invit

  • I hope your aunt and uncle aren't living together.  If they are, then omitting a spouse isn't appropriate.

    Each person over 18 gets his own invitation.  Those younger could be addressed on the parents' envelope.
  • Why are you not inviting their father, your uncle?  You really should not invite his kids and and his wife and not him, terribly rude.

    As far as who's name goes on what, the adult cousing (18+) get their own invite with their name on it, even though they live at home, and the high school aged ones can get put on the aunt and uncle's invite.
  • I'm guessing from your post that the aunt and the father (your uncle?) aren't married. Since you're not inviting him, I'd send invites to each of the 20+ cousins, and one invite for the high school aged cousins. Is this going to cause drama by not inviting the dad? Because if it is, I'd personally vote for inviting the aunt and calling her to let her know you'd like to invite the children as well, or including a hand-written note. It just seems like a sticky situation by inviting some members of a household and excluding one person.
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    i forgot to mention  that they are divorced. love my uncle but out of respect for my aunt and her new husband. i'm not inviting him.
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    [QUOTE]<font color="#ff0000">|</font>so<font color="#ff0000">|</font> I have some cousins that <font color="#ff0000">I</font> want to invite<font color="#ff0000">,</font> but <font color="#ff0000">I</font>'m not sure what name goes on the invit<font color="#ff0000">|</font>e<font color="#ff0000">|ation</font>. <font color="#ff0000">T</font>hey live with their father. <font color="#ff0000">T</font>wo are in their 20s and the other two are in high school. I'm not inviting their father  but I am inviting their mother (my aunt). <font color="#ff0000">D</font>o <font color="#ff0000">I </font>send one invitation for all my cousin<font color="#ff0000">s</font> and another to my aunt<font color="#ff0000">,</font> or do <font color="#ff0000">I</font> send invit<font color="#ff0000">ations</font> to each adult and include the high school kids on my aunt<font color="#ff0000">'</font>s invit<font color="#ff0000">ation? </font> <font color="#ff0000">P</font>lease help<font color="#ff0000">.</font> <font color="#ff0000">T</font>hanks<font color="#ff0000">.</font>
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    Someone needs a life.
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  • If the 20 year olds don't have significnat others you are inviting, I think it's fine to put the whole family on one invite.

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    Ditto.  I read the original post just fine.
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  • What's the deal with the GrammarPolice?
  • anyone over 18 gets their own invite.

    in cases of divorce, even family, its often the case that ex-spouses get excluded from family events.  they arent family anymore.  OP is doing no wrong in inviting her aunt (which i assume is her blood relative) and not the uncle (who i assume was her uncle by marriage).
  • OK - just checking about the uncle.

    Just address the invitation to the people in the home who are invited.  I'd go with one for each person in the home that you intend to invite.
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