Need Planner Rec & Anyone heard of Betsey Beech

We almost had a planner but things feel through, no return emails or calls, so we had to let them goYell. Can anyone recommend a full planner or half planner for under $1100? I've contacted Eventurous and Cincy Event Planning(sp?) and both are out my budget. Also has anyone used Betsey Beech for wedding planning services, if so how was your experience? Thanks!

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Re: Need Planner Rec & Anyone heard of Betsey Beech

  • kelklumpkelklump member
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    Are you looking for a full planner or just day of coordination? I used Cincy Event Planning and just used them for Day of to fit into my budget. Betsey used to get lots of positive reviews on here, but I havent heard much of her in the last 10 mos or so. Here is a few others just in case.
    Kristin Kloth - http://www.treschiceventplanning.com/
    Alison Winstrup - Aviva Events http://www.aviva-events.com/
    I-do weddings  http://www.i-do-weddings.com/
    your wedding by Jen http://www.yourweddingbyjen.com/
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    Mahoganieyes:  E-mail when you get a chance!  [email protected]
  • CincyBride29CincyBride29 member
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    I suggest Your Weddings by Jen.  I hired her for day of services and she has gone above and beyond and my wedding is still 4 months away.  She is awesome and so sweet.  You get so much more for your money with her.

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    Alison with Aviva Events is great!!! I highly recommend her!

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    Thank You ladies! I would prefer full or 1/2 planner now with all the changes taking place.

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    I met with Betsey and thought she was very nice. I just decided to hire someone more local to Cinci who's worked with my venue before. I'm using Kristen Kloth, but I only got her DoC services.

    I met with Alison too and thought she was very organized and had some great tips, but I couldn't afford her. I'll have a final review of Kristen soon (April 17th wedding coming up, omg!), but so far she's been great.
  • itsriaitsria member
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    We are also using Your Wedding By Jen. She is absolutely awesome so far. I think her full planning package may be out of your price range but I don't know about 1/2.
    I agree with PP about her going out of her way. I think she will be the reason my wedding will be amazing. Because it will not be any of my doing I haven't a creative bone in my body. 
    Look her up her web is www.yourweddingbyjen.com
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