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3 Weeks to Go -- Where's all the February brides!!

Three weeks from now I will be sitting in my hotel room getting hair and makeup done and drinking champage will all my BMs. I can't believe its so close!! I have SO MUCH to do still!!!

I know Alissa & Alex have the same wedding weekend, who else's day is coming up!? What is everyone working on now that the clock is ticking?

I still have to:
Book the Rehearsal Dinner
FInish Table Numbers
Finalize ceremony music
Final ceremony content
Coordinate the uplighting and the ipod hookup for the ceremony
Purchase all kinds of random supplies - markers for the guestbook, fishing wire for the lanterns, etc
Revamp my centerpieces to be cheper
Schedule waxing, haircut and nails
Order linens

And that's just the short list for THIS weekend. How does time fly this quickly?  6 months ago I thought i had all the time in the world to finish everything and now its crunch time!

Re: 3 Weeks to Go -- Where's all the February brides!!

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    Ahhh my wedding is in 2 weeks! Luckily I have an awesome wedding planner and we are pretty much done with everything. But still. I only have 2 more days off before I start my vacation (starts the day of the rehearsal) so I have a lot to cram in those days. I still need to get my bridal jewelry- I had some stuff picked out but it didn't look good with the dress so I;m back to square one. I will be doing that on Sunday. I also need to buy gifts for the groomsmen and something for our parents. I also need to buy some cute stuff for the honeymoon. My brother and sister in law are in te process of printing the menus so we should have those soon. I also have to send a final list to the band/dj. My dress should be ready on Thursday the 4th so in case there is some last minute work to be done I still have time to get it fixed. I think thats pretty much it...but I;m sure my mom has a ton of things on her list! Oh we also have a ton of gifts at my parents house that we need to pick up and find a place for!

    Congrats on being so close!!

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    WOW, 3 weeks away!!! I can't wait til I'm there! I hope you don't get too overwhelmed with the stuff you have left! It doesn't seem too bad though.

    BTW... you should get your hair cut  now... that way if you're not happy with it, you have a little time for it to grow. I always love my hair after about 2 weeks.
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    wow you're so close!! how exciting :) 
  • Lacey36Lacey36 member
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    woo whooo your getting close! i love when a month has lots of weddings b/c its lots of excitment lol.
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  • avmn10avmn10 member
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    YAY!!! I still can't believe we are so close, it's SO surreal!! Bea good luck!! I have a number of random things here and there, a few are: do all printing: RD menu, OOT letter, program (I ordered the paper but waiting on it to arrive); decide & purchase additional gift for groomsmen; order parents gifts; write thank you notes to bridal party; confirm with limo, do tent cards. 
  • avmn10avmn10 member
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    Oh I forgot one, I'm going for final dress fitting tomorrow!!!!
  • JillianLLJillianLL member
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    OMG I seriously cant believe all you girls are so close! Bea, 2 weeks!!!!!!!
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    Wow! You're so close :) Good luck with the last little things you have left.  I know if will all get done.  This is sooo exciting that there are so many weddings in February!
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    SO MANY fun weddings coming up!!!!!!! I can't wait to see all your pictures and hear all your reviews ladies, I'm so so so excited for you guys!!!! We've all been together for so long!!!
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  • clovonneptclovonnept member
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    bisabelm - you're so freakin close!! Sounds like you still have some fun tasks left that include a lot of shopping! I did a lot of that while procrastinaing months ago and now I don't really need anything else and I have no more excuses to avoid the boring tasks LOL!

    Lynette - I agree about the haircut, I'm going this weekend juuuust in case.

    Alex -- I can't wait for my final dress fitting!! It's 2 days before the wedding (although I'm hoping to stress myself even more by needing it taken in a little, meaning all my time at the gym is paying off). But we'll see....  That will be SO exciting tomorrow! Is it the big dress rehearsal for you - shoes, veil, jewelry, etc?
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    OMG.... how are we here aready?!?!?!?! INSANITY!!!!

    Tomorrow is dress fitting #2
    then hair color teeth whiten and tanning are next. Vanity time ;)
    I need to print my DIT stuff, pay off vendors and order my sign in book.
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  • atizonatizon member
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    so many fabulous weddings this mth. how exciting.

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    My wedding is in 15 days, Valentines Day!  I cannot wait!  We are soooo excited and can't believe it's finally here!!!  We live in Israel and planning a wedding in FL. (my home state) was difficult from so far away but my parents were a major help.  Everything is pretty much set! Congrats to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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