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What is your wedding cake flavor?

Just curious what flavor for the wedding cake everyone is using?  We haven't had our cake tasting yet but they offer many different options.  Our cake is going to be either 3 or 4 tiers, saving the top tier for us.  We were also thinking about doing a different flavor for each tier.


Re: What is your wedding cake flavor?

  • Our cake is pretty basic because it's included in our reception package and we're having an Italian dessert station too. Ours will be red velvet with a cream cheese filling. Yum!
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  • We are having 3 tiers. The bottom tier will be amaretto and the top 2 are going to be strawberry. It will all have cheesecake icing.
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  • I think ours will be red velvet with milk chocolate, white chocolate, and cream cheese filling, and fresh strawberries. Lots of flavours haha, in my mind it seems like it'll be good. 
  • We haven't decided.  We really liked her white cake with raspberry filling and her red velvet with cream cheese.  I've heard wonderful things about her chocolate cake so I kinda want to try that but FI isn't big on chocolate.  We're having three tiers but only get to choose two flavors.  Bottom/largets tier will be one flavor and the top two will be the other flavor.  Serving wise they equal out.
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  • We're doing white almond with raspberry gel and raspberry chantilly cream filling, buttercream frosting. We had our cake tasting Friday and it was fantastic. :)
  • White, chocolate, spice and Italian cream...we are having some fake tiers because the structure would be difficult to cut up into pieces...so we will have sheet cakes so we could more flavors.
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  • We just had our cake tasting on Saturday! We're doing 4 tiers, the larger tiers will be carrot cake and the smaller ones white vanilla with raspberry filling, all with cream cheese icing. yum! I'm so excited!
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  • We have a 4 tier cake. Two are chocolate, one is cookies and cream and the fourth is red velvet.
  • We are doing cupcakes. The first flavour is pumpkin spice with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting. And the 2nd flavour is apple cinnamon with a vanilla icing. There will also be desserts with dinner like pumpkin pie and other nomies
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  • I am making all the cupcakes for our reception. Since we are having a cocktail reception, I'm making beer, red wine, champange, white and chocolate flavored cupcakes and all will be topped with buttercreme frosting! I've tried them all and they are soo good! It sounds like a lot but with the amount of people we are having I only need to do one batch of each flavor so it will be easy.
  • Grooms cake is either carrot or spice with cream cheese frosting. Main layer of wedding cake is red velvet with cream cheese frosting. Top to layers will be white with either stawberry or raspberry filling.
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  • Bottom Tier will be Spice Cake with Caramel Apple Filling, and Middle/Top Tier will be Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache....Yummy I cannot wait to have it!!  :)
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  • We are doing carrot cake with cream cheese icing/filling and then spice cake with apple filling (so excited for this). We are doing three tiers on three different stands and then sheet cakes for the rest. One of them will just be white and chocolate cake with white chocolate filling in case people don't like the spice or the carrot.
  • We are going to have cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory I think. We are thinking cookies and cream and one other flavor.
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  • Bottom tier-vanilla with custard
    Middle tier-chocolate with chocolate mousse and fresh strawberries
    Top tier-red velvet=)

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  • We haven't talked to bakers yet or sorted out how many tiers or anything (we still might even go with cupcakes) but I know I want the WHOLE thing red velvet with cream cheese frosting.  I LOVE red velvet.  
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  • we're having a cupcake cake with 3 kinds: chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet to fit the colors of our wedding :)
  • We chose all 4 flavors we tried. :) The groom's cake will be coconut cream. As for the bridal cake the bottom layer will be Italian Creme, 2nd layer will be Chocolate Indulgence, & the 3rd layer will be Lemon Lovers. 
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  • we're doing 2 flavors both with butter cream frosting. One flavor is white with streawberry filling and the other flavor is marble with barvarian cream filling. absolutely delish! :)
  • We are so boring... LOL

    We're getting a 3 tier cake, top tier will be vanilla, Middle will be chocolate, and bottom will be vanilla again.  Covered in buttercreme frosting, with sugar butterflies as decoration.

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  • We're having a 3 tier cake and all are the same flavors. 2 of the 3 layers are chocolate fudge, 1 white with strawberry filling :-)
  • We are having a four tier cake. As a (small) cost-cutting measure, we are going with one flavor. It will be a white cake, with white chocolate mousse and seedless raspberry jam. It is light and yummy and perfect. We are also going to have an ice cream bar (Graeter's, for anyone who has been to the Cincinnati area) and a waffle cart toward the end of the reception.
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  • We haven't done our tasting yet, but our cake is included in our package so we will probably get whatever doesnt make us pay extra, but we will see bc after everything i've read everything sounds soooo yummy!!!
    We are also have a Vienesse hour, so we will probably not go crazy with the cake and maybe just make what FI and I cut into what we really like and serve everyone else something simple. Then again my only request was the chocolate fountain, so ill probably be standing there while FI cuts the cake alone, jk=)
  • I'm another red velvet bride (there's a lot of us!) with cream cheese frosting for all three layers.
  • We haven't talked it out with our baker yet, but we had a cake they did for another couple and it was cinnabon flavor with a custard cream center. YUMMMMMMM!  We're definitely leaning towards that.  It's satisfy the cake fans and the after dinner coffee and dessert fans.  I know this because I love cake and fiance doesn't and we both loved it haha.
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