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Happy Halloween?

When we first bought this house we got a lot of wrong number phone calls.  They finally stopped, but today I got a call from the sheriff in a neighboring county.  They are looking for a the owners of a property in said county.  Some database said that the home was listed to some management company with this phone number.  The address is not this address, but if you look it up, the name of the wrong number people comes up. 

Guess this is what happens when you piss off the people that dole out numbers.

At the same time I got a text message that just said "lambo??"  I reverse looked up and it's a landline in Youngstown (Nola?).  When I look up lambo it's some anime crap about a 5 yo italian assassin that goes to Japan to kill a hitman.

What random things to happen on Halloween right?

Re: Happy Halloween?

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