Grooms in Black

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FI would like to wear either a dark/black suit or a tux and I of course love the look so haven't swayed his decision much but how bad will it be..................... is he gonna pass out on me with heat stroke? We're getting married in May on a beach in Maui somewhere between 5 and 6pm

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Re: Grooms in Black

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    he will be fine in a black suit at that time of year and that time of day :-D
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    We were going to go with the linen suit, but we ended up not liking it as much and are going with a dark grey.  I think that they can survive the ceremony time, and then take the jackets off afterwards to cool off. 
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    Ha! My man would have passed out. I wanted to put him in a linen suit and he put his foot down on that. He is a hairy Brit though, so that may have something to do with it.

    Listen to what his gut says. If he thinks he can handle it, go for it.
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    My fiance will be wearing a black suit.  But we are getting married in a church with a cooler temperature than that of the beach.  After that, he'll be able to take off the jacket or whatever :).  Plus, we wanted something more practical than a tux.  Though a tux is beautiful, we were not sure when else he would use it given that even for other important occasions he's only used a suit.
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    My FI is wearing black long-sleeve shirt, pants and vest.  I've seen many summer HI weddings with guys in full suits.  My guys think they can handle it as they're Aussie, and wear full suits to the races and summer weddings here all the time.  
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