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How do I include same sex parents in the wedding program?

My fiance and I are straight but both have mothers that are gay. Any suggestions on how to word the wedding program to include their partners, they are a huge part of our lives and we would love to recognize them as well? TIA

Re: How do I include same sex parents in the wedding program?

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    You could just use "together with their parents/mothers". If you wanted to use more traditional wording, you could just use names without titles, and it would be more like...

    Jane Doe and Mary Smith
    Invite you to celebrate the marriage of their daughter


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    If each of you was adopted by the nonbiological mother, you would just use the same form you'd use for any parents.  If not, you could use:

    Mom jcruz1135l, Mother of the Bride

    Mom2 jcruz1135, Stepmother of the Bride

    Mom Mr. jcruz1135, Mother of the Groom

    Mom2 Mr. jcruz1135, Stepmother of the Groom

    "Stepmother" is not a legally recognized relationship, anyway, so you could use it for this situation, regardless of whether your mothers are legally married to their partners.
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    You could also ask them how they would like to be presented-- etiquette is probably the "Jane Doe and Mary Smith" thing, but then you didn't mention if there are father figures you'd like to put in there as well.  And etiquette doesn't matter nearly as much as everyone feeling loved/included, IMHO.
    If all else fails, you can always go the "Together with their families, Bride and Groom invite you...."
    Good luck!
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    I am straight but have somewhat of the same issue that you have. I was given a word of advise when I came across this issue.   The advice was...... most people that you invite to your wedding are people that you know so they will most likely know your parents' situtation. Embras your parents and word it in a way that shows that you are proud of them no matter what there preference in a partner is. So now I hand this advice to you...
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