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Rosa Clara Bolero/Shrug

Hello everyone,

I've been searching high and low online to find somewhere that sales Rosa Clara boleros.  Does anyone know where I can find them?  I saw one on pinterest and the link just takes me to a magazine article.

These are beautiful shrugs and I'd love to have one to wear during our ceremony but I'm lost and have no idea where to search.  I've found links to her dresses but not the boleros.

Thanks in advance for anyone who can give me direction.

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Re: Rosa Clara Bolero/Shrug

  • I had to google "Rosa Clara boleros" to see what you were talking about. 

    Link to some I found here:

    Not sure which of the types you are talking about, but I made my ceremony dress and there was a separate pattern with a bolero that could be made in any fabric.

    This is McCall's pattern M4450 which has the bolero pattern:

    I made mine with alencon lace, and the sleeves were shortened to only go to the elbows.

    Link to order that pattern here: . FYI: Patterns are made much smaller than street sizes. These patterns are made with multiple cut lines to fit more than one size. For example, if you normally wear a size 10, you'd want to cut the pattern to fit as a size 12, maybe even a 14 depending on your measurements. The patterns are only $3, so you could order both to check. These bolero's don't take much fabric, depending on the size, less than a yard in most cases, even with long sleeves. If you get lace, and want the edges of the back and sleeves to have the scalloped edges of the lace, I'd probably buy an extra half yard or so. Re-embroidered lace with pearls (which is what I used) is not cheap, but a good seamstress can make that.  

    If you are talking about the ones that don't have the opening in the front, but appear to be a part of the top of the dress, a really good dressmaker or seamstress should be able to take a dress with a similar top and make the lace bolero a separate piece that closes in the back. But, IMO, the top of the dress will need to be fairly plain and lay flat just like the ones in the link to that Manufacturers samples.

    Hope that helps.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the info.  I'm not looking for one of the lace ones.  I'm looking for one of the sheer ones, my dress doesn't have any lace on it at all so I don't think a lace bolero would look good with it.

    I actually saw the bolero's on that magazine website but it doesn't send you anywhere that you can actually buy them.  I guess I'll keep looking.  Figures since I know exactly what I'm looking for that I can't find it.  Murphy's Law I guess. lol

    Thanks again
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  • Did you try the store locator at You could call them up to see if they have the boleros.
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