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Palladium Metal & Heirloom Diamond Questions

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this- there should be a whole board just for rings- so I apologize in advance.

Basically, my bf of 6 years and I have been talking seriously about engagement for the last several months. We went to a few jewelry stores but I ended up falling in love with a vintage design from Zales online. I hate yellow gold and platinum is a bit out of his price range. Anyone have a ring made out of palladium?? It seems like a great metal from what I read but I'm worried about the darker color. Will it look like it needs to be polished?

Also, a family member left me their diamond engagement ring. I would love to use the diamond in my ring. Does anyone have experience resetting heirloom diamonds? I'm assuming the first step is getting the diamond taken somewhere to figure out it's shape, weight, carat? Should my boyfriend take this to a gemologist or will most jewelers be able to do this?

Thanks! How exciting!

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