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Photo Booth worth it or not?

Has anyone had a photo booth? If so how much did you pay for it (if you don't mind sharing) and was it worth it?

Re: Photo Booth worth it or not?

  • We did not do one - but part of me really wishes we had. I love some of the pictures I've seen from other weddings' photo booths. If you can afford it, I say go for it.
  • DD had one.  It was $700 and worth every penny.  We used the photos as the favors and gave everyone a vinyl bookmark to put the picture in.  The bookmarks also doubled as escort cards.  It was a big hit with all of the guests.
  • I'm having one -- my wedding hasn't happened yet, so I don't know if it's "worth it" -- however it's doubling as favors.  I also purchased plastic bookmark sleeves with tassels.  I'm not personalizing them for the wedding as much as I'll maybe just put the date and location -- knowing that I wouldn't want someone elses name on my bookmark! :)

    I also got the deal off of Groupon...I've seen the deal offered again recently -- depending on how far away your wedding is -- you may want to wait to see if it comes up again! :)
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  • I'm not having one, but my photographer is a family friend so if there's room there we're going to bring in an actual mini-lab and have him be the photobooth and print quality 5x7's for people.  Then he can also take "good" pictures of couples, etc, in the other gardens and they can take those home sort of as favors, since they'll be lookin' good and want a nice picture. 
    I kind of automatically rebel against anything "trendy" but I love pictures since it's sort of the family business, so I'm half going with this one.  :)
  • If you can afford it there's really no reason to NOT have it.
  • I am having one for my August wedding and ours came to $750 which comes with a guestbook and copies for our guests that will be favors for them as well :) I hear they are great and would highly recommend. I didn't have this in our budget originally but making room for it and I kind of went really cheap with the photography and regret that so the photobooth is compensating for it!
  • im doing it for my wedding. i really like that it will add "something extra to do" at the wedding (we are having a lot of kids attend) and a lot of photo booth companies include a scrapbook for you and your husband. so everyone gets 2 film strips printed..1 to take home and 1 to put in the scrapbook. then they can write you a message. you get to take the scrapbook home. what fun memories!
    We are using our scrapbook like our guest book to encourage everyone to have their photo taken.
    i've been really impressed with Studio D2D so far (this is who we are useing for our photobooth and DJ.) They have been very helpful with way more than the music planning.
    A photo booth is something i really wanted..and i was a little put off by the cost as well. but my fiance' said "if this is the one thing you really wanted, then we are getting it"
    and we are useing the photos as the favors for the guests. 
  • Thank you all so much for your help.  We just booked our photobooth and DJ through Studio D2D.  They seemed amazing and it was everything we were looking for.
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