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September 2010 Weddings

Are you making a program?

Are you going to have a wedding program?  Do I really need one?  I hadn't even thought about it, until I saw it on my FB checklist.  I really dont want to do it, if I dont really need to! Its just another thing to do and more money to spend. Is it really that important?

Re: Are you making a program?

  • My brother didn't have them at wedding. I didn't even notice until I called SIL to see if I could look at theirs to see how they did them and she pointed it out to me. Unless you just have a gigantic WP and intricate ceremony, I don't really see the need. I'm still debating whether we'll bother.

    That said, you can DIY very cheaply.
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  • I'm DIYing mine. I'm doing it for a few reasons.....I want to acknowledge those we have doing readings, we are letting FI's 7 year old cousin hand them out (one of his brothers is a GM, the other is doing a reading so we didnt want him to feel left out) and we are putting the directions from the Church to the reception in there. And I just like the idea of them! :)
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  • I am doing a program. I wanted to acknowledge those that are in the wedding, our reader, and thank the guests and our parents. 

    I am not showing the insides cause it shows peoples names, but on the inside there are 3 pieces of card stock on each page. 

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  • jmplasket- Those are pretty!

    I'm not making a program but that's also cause it's a small wedding (50-60) and everything is on the same grounds. So I figure why stress myself out to do one more thing. hehe
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  • I am not doing one either. We are having a short ceremony + it seems pointless to spend the money. Plus no one is doing a speech.

  • my wedding is small like yours too gamingangel and its only about 20 minutes long. I just love DIY stuff. ;) They were probably the most fun to make! except for those gluing those itty bitty bows!

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  • I am having a program because I already bought the paper for it. haha. I am DIYing it though. I just like the idea of letting everyone know who is who and what is happening during the ceremony (and they can use it as a fan)
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  • I'm not doing them either.
  • I like the idea of honoring / thanking people and having a written reminder of our ceremony for our guests to take home with them.

    I was thinking of purchasing matching programs from the same lady who did our invitations.
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  • Nope. Not doing them. I never look at them at weddings and EVERYONE I know that has done them always has over half left over. It seems like a waste of paper to me. I think the only time programs would be nice to have is during long religious/cultural weddings were some of the guests won't know what is going on.

  • When I couldn't decide what invitations I wanted I bought a box of these really simple ones and I am turning those into programs because I already missed the return date. If I didn't have that box I probably wouldn't do them.
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  • Its your choice, I look at it like this some people drink wine some people do a straight shot of vodka. Program or no program.....if you want them do them if not everyone knows who everyone is they dont need paper explaining it.

    We are doing them I paid 10.00 for 100 of them and will print template on them next month!! Good luck dont stress of the little things they can cause aniexty attacks!
  • I'm DIYing my programs using program paper from Michael's. I created my rough draft last night.  I included explanations of all the Jewish wedding customs and traditions so that my non-Jewish guests wouldn't feel lost.  Programs are by no means a requirement, but they're  a thoughtful gesture.
  • I'm planning on making them because I can do it very cheaply, but if I run out of time or I'm too stressed I have no problem cutting them.
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  • I got inexpensive ones at Oriental Trading.
  • I'm planning to do them, although I need to hurry and get the ceremony planned first.  I want to do the fan kind with some word games/mad lib on there since we like that kind of thing. 
  • Yep we are doing them. We are having a Catholic Ceremony with a guest list over 300 and most people coming in from out of town.  We figured it would introduce everyone involved  along with letting them know exactly what the heck is going on.  Our priest actually reviews it for us ahead of time so I guess it is pretty common in Catholic ceremonies to provide one.  
  • We're doing these sort of ...

    We weren't going to do it, but these are just so freaking fun!

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  • Theres my inspiration ( I posted it like 2 days ago)

    Im only doing them to add a little fun to our ceremony to tie it into our theme a little bit :-) Im actually thinking of having FI and I sign then like an artist would sign their concert poster :-) Ours doesn't have a lot of info on them buy im DIY so it's pretty cheap and I have them designed I just need to print!
  • I wan't going to do them, but then FI had a cute idea for how to make them fun, and my mom bought a cute basket to put them in, so.... yet another thing to add to the To Do list! At least we can make them from paper left over from our invites so it won't be an added cost.
  • I'm doing them but only because I have a younger friend who was really upset to not be a BM so I made her "artistic director" and let her make STD, programs, VIP cards etc. 

    She is going to make something that we can print off from our home comp or copy at staples. 

    Personally people leave them on the pew or bench at the end of the ceremony so I don't think they'll notice if you don't...but it's a nice touch.  We have some family who has passed away and FI has an Army buddy who everyone always pays tribute too.  Since we're not doing a catholic ceremony we can't ask for prayers for those who can't be there, so we put a "in loving memory" page on the back of the program.  My mom thought it was rude but I think it's fine.

    Long story short, just keep it simple if you want to save money...if not don't do them honestly people won't care or remember.
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