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December 2010 Weddings

Crazy Bride Gene, ACTIVATE!

Yes, I'm officially crazy.

I had my second-and-a-half fitting today, but feel much better about the dress.  The lady gave me a new bra for "Ike & Tina" (yes, those are their names), and it's going to work a lot better than the one I bought.  So I'm going to return that one and get my 139-damn-dollars back!!!  That's how much big, ugly bras cost. :(

I thought my custom hairpiece looked crazy in my bathroom, and it did.  But with my dress, it looked fabulous, so that makes me happy.  She made a matching flower for my shoes and they looked cute.

I got my cake topper in the mail and it's perfect so that's good.

Now I'm waiting for my next freak-out/second-guess with 44 days to go.


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Re: Crazy Bride Gene, ACTIVATE!

  • YAY!!! Glad things worked out :)...Can't wait to see the pics.

    Ike and Tina, LMAO
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  • My industrial strength wedding corset set me back $190 - you'd want to bet I get some photos in that thing - it cost more than my dress!!!!

    that's the cost of the corset on it's own, not even with matching knickers or stockings or anything!

    It's funny how things look way OTT, but as soon as they're with the OTT dress, they look FANTASTIC!!!  I can't wait to see your photos hun, and YAY for your awesome topper!

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  • I had my freak moment today too. Wonder how many more there are going to be....
    Finally, a Mrs!
  • Aww don't freak out! It all worked in the end :o)

    Please tell Ike and Tina to behave, or else. I don't know what "else" but I'm sure you'll find something.
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  • I think you're hilarous for naming them "Ike and Tina." The man's name through me off for about ten seconds, and I had to reread to figure out who you were referring to, lol. I'm slow.

    My seamstress is sewing a bra into my dress for...I think $50. My girls are pretty, but they need a little more perk, if you know what I mean. You would think I was 40, not 22 :/

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