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Non-Catholic wedding/divorce

I just need to make sure I understand this correctly and that it is the same in all dioceses.My FI was previously married in a non-catholic ceremony to a non-catholic. This marriage ended in a divorce.Now we are engaged and want to be married in a Catholic church.  Because his last marriage was not sanctioned by the Church it is not valid, correct?This is what one priest told us, but we getting married in a different dioceses and want to make sure this is the same everywhere.  I know there is some additional paperwork to fill out, but it is not as lenghty as an annullment since it wasn't valid to begin with...

Re: Non-Catholic wedding/divorce

  • agapecarrieagapecarrie member
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    The piece of info missing here is whether your fiance was Catholic or not. If he was Catholic at the time, he needed to be married according to Catholic form. If not, he is not bound by Catholic canon law.It sounds as if he was Catholic...and is getting a "lack of form" annullment.It wouldn't depend on the diocese. Whether a marriage exists  is a truth...not dependent on different diocese.
  • meltoinemeltoine member
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    It's not as complicated or involved as a full annulment, but it does take some work. Your priest is right, but I would get started on all that right away if you are planning to get married in 6 months like your ticker says!
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  • Calypso1977Calypso1977 member
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    he'll need the annulment regardless.  whether or not he is Catholic will factor in to how long the annulment make take.
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    My Fi faced the same issue.  He is not Catholic and was not married in the Church.  He was not required to get an annulment as his previous marriage is not viewed as valid by the Church.  Hope this helps.
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    First post here and I felt I needed to respond to this post.

    I have had my annulment of my first marriage from the church for nearly 5 years. I have been remarried 7 years this month. My second marriage was before a JOP. My first marriage 21 years ago was outside the church also. My first husband had been married before and we could not get married in the church until his first marriage was annulled eventhough he was not Catholic. He converted 8 years later and we had a convalidation ceremony. 3 years after that we divorced.

    My husband ( current one ) was married before. His first marriage was before a JOP. He is not Catholic. In order for me to participate in the sacraments according to cannon law he had to get an annulment of his first marriage eventhough neither he nor his ex wife were Catholic and they did not have a religious ceremony either.

    His annulment came through in December and we are attending Pre-Cana classes after 7 years of legal marriage. Sounds weird but that is the cannon law of the church. If you want your marriage validated by the church he is going to have to have an annulment and you both will have to take part in the pre-wedding requirements of the church.

    Good luck.

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    Talk to the priest ASAP.  We spoke with our priest last week and my fiance does not have an annulment of his first marriage and now we cannot get married in July at a Catholic Church b.c. the annulment will not go through in time.  We are looking at other ceremony sites.  My fiance is not Catholic and his first marriage was not a Catholic ceremony or mass nor was he married to a Catholic.  But since he was baptized Presbyterian (his previous wife wasn't) the marriage was valid and not annuled so he can't get married in the Catholic Church.  The priest contact Canon Law lawyers (who are priests) and other priests.  It is a bummer as I am Catholic and have never been married.
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  • skyblondeskyblonde member
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    I am in the same situation-my Catholic FI married a non-Catholic in a civil ceremnoy and they divorced.  We had to fill out some paperwork for a "lack of canonical form", but it's not as complicated as an annulment.
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