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Florist update

I finally heard back from my florist. Her rough estimate was about 600$, I had a 1000$ budget for flowers, but the thought of spending 600$ on flowers makes me sick to my stomach. I know it's a good deal considering I asked for
1 brides bouquet
4 BM bouquet
7 boutonniers
4 corsages with pearl or rhinestone bracelet
1 RB boutonnier

I went to a silk flower warehouse Friday and I found some really nice true touch flowers. For about 200$ I could get everything listed above except for the corsages, which the mother's have said that they aren't needed and that I should just save the money.

I really don't know what to do. I like the look of fresh flowers, kinda sorta, (I'm not a flower kinda girl), but the price of the true touch flowers is better by far.

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Re: Florist update

  • This is just my opinion. If you are ok with having silk flowers and can save the money and utilize it somewhere else and its not a huge sacrifice then go for it. Flowers is my one thing I really dont mind forgoing. One because of allergies and two because of spending money on something that will die. Now if you have had your heart set on beautiful real flowers and it would pain you to give them up, then dont give them up and enjoy them. :)
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  • I agree that corsages aren't a necessity, I plan on having my mom and FMIL carry a few stems of these roses that are made from corn husks :-) I'm not a big flower person myself. I think it's worth it to save the money, especially if you like the true touch flowers.
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  • IMHO, I don't really like silk flowers. I am definitely a flower girl... I love flowers. At our wedding, it is definitely a necessity to have real flowers even if there aren't that many of them. I understand that flowers are expensive but not all of them are, it just depends on which types of flowers you use. You can find flowers that are less expensive and not have to go the silk flower route.
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  • I also prefer real flowers.  Have you thought about DIYing with real flowers?  I have a friend who bought flowers online wholesale and did all the flower arrangements herself.  They looked amazing and were a quarter of the price of hiring a florist.

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