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Letterpress Invites with Flat enclosure cards

The invite suite I am thinking of has letterpress invites. The invite is a very thick, slightly textured paper (it is like 1mm thick). The design and font are all letterpressed.

However, the envelopes and other cards (reception, rsvp, directions), are all printed on a different kind of paper with flat printing.  That paper is a smooth, heavy weight cardstock (but not nearly as thick as the letterpress paper. It is the same color as the letterpress paper.

So my question - Is this weird to have 2 different types of paper, each with a different printing method?

This vendor doesn't offer letterpress for the enclosures (and I am getting a deal so I don't want to look elsewhere).

Re: Letterpress Invites with Flat enclosure cards

  • PeavyPeavy member
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    All the items should match.  I would think it very odd to receive a letterpress invitation and have the inserts printed in a different method.
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    It wouldn't make as much of a statement as all letterpress would, but it doesn't sound like it will look too different to make it look bad. I think that's fine as long as the color and texture of the paper match, and the thickness matches as closely as possible. Use the same fonts and colors. I'd be very particular about everything matching perfectly in order for this to work. 
  • If you're going to spring for letterpress, I wouldn't cheap out on the rest of the suite.
  • In Response to Re:Letterpress Invites with Flat enclosure cards:[QUOTE]If you're going to spring for letterpress, I wouldn't cheap out on the rest of the suite. Posted by DiLynn83[/QUOTE]

    Well I am cheaping out. I am actually getting the invites for free. Long story but I'm part of a focus group.

    My other option is to buy them flat or thermography which ive budgeted about 600 for
  • The people making these for free isn't willing to include enclosures? Could you purchase the enclosures at their normal price? I'm thinking that since the invites would be free the cost could be balanced out even if you had to pay retail for the enclosures.
  • Enclosures are included but they aren't letterpress... the sample I got was flat printing on smooth paper.

    I will see what I can do to get them on letterpress. If they say no I will at least try to get the paper to be the same texture.  The fonts and design elements of the whole suite coordinate otherwise.

    I was able to find another thread about this on weddingbee:

    In the spectrum of faux pas I could be committing, I don't think mixing papers/print types is terribly egregious. Ideal, obviously not.
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    Yes, that is weird.  Paper and printing style of all items in the envelope should be identical.  It sounds like a phone call may be in order, just to make sure.
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