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Another question... this time about invites

Hi!! I also posted something similar on the invite board but I seemed to have good luck with this one so I thought I'd ask the opinion of you all too. I am beginning to like this part of the knot. :)

So our wedding is going to have a feel that is more modern than not. Does anyone have any recommendations for places I can look online for invites that have a modern feel to them? I don't want anything too flowery.

On another topic, there are about 6-7 people from my work who I think may be expecting invitations. My FI and I don't have the $$ to invite all of them and their spouses but, there are 3 that I would like to invite. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. My question is... is it okay to invite 3 people and not others or should I invite everyone (or no one) from work?

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Re: Another question... this time about invites

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    Well no suggestion on the invite but about the co-workers...... How big is your office? are these people you socialize w/ outside of work? I work in a smaller office so for me it was an all or nothing, which I choose to invite all and was surprised that all but one came! lol. For me it depends on how your office also handles these situations, like, is there the likely hood of a shower? I thought there could be one and felt better knowing I had invited really just depends...
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    I sent my 2 closest friends at work. I mailed them to their houses though. My work knew I was having a smallish wedding, and they through me a little work party before my wedding any ways.

    I say if you do invite them, make sure don't do it at work.
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    I found really hip invites on Minted (?), not very flowery/traditional at all.

    The co-workers:  I agree with the others that it depends on the size of your co-worker pool.  A few of my work pals started to ask about booked tickets to LV, and I felt compelled to shut it down quickly.  No one was invited.  We are having a wedding out of state so that we could get away with only inviting those nearest & dearest to us, without too many hurt feelings.  To tell my work friends that they could join us, but I didn't invite my aunts & uncles would have been asinine.  Also, we all work in a fancy pants can't let the entire staff (or even 3 or us) off of work for a whole extended weekend in Vegas!  The boss would have lost his marbles...
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    Another vote for minted, they have many designs at different prices ranges. As far as the co-workers I would do all or nothing, just explain that you guys are in a tight budget and need to keep it small. Most people will understand.
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    I see the wisdom behind the all or nothing with co-workers, because otherwise, where do you draw the line?  We made the invitation litmus as "If we wouldn't have them over for a sit-down dinner at our house, they can't be invited to the wedding."  That made things fairly simple. 

    When family started "suggesting" we invite cousin so&soo or Aunt X, we made it clear the chapel only seats 50 people and we were maxed out - but thanks to technology - they could watch the ceremony via webcast!  LOL - I love Vegas!
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    Our co-worker pool is pretty small so I think that I am leaning towards the all-or-nothing. Also, we do not really socialize outside of work (good point stinkerbell brought up).

    Thanks for the referrals on the invites! I checked out minted and found some cute stuff. We are not sure if we want to go with a blue or green and ivory for our colors... once we figure that out we will order some from there I think!!

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