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DIY Wine Gift

Hi Ladies,
  I'm posting this here as well as the DIY Board and hoping that someone has heard of what I'm talking about and can help me out.  I am a former knottie (married 6/23/07) and my SIL is now getting married and I'm trying to come up with a shower gift idea.  When I was on here all the time before getting married someone posted this DIY wine gift idea where they went out and bought several different bottles of wine and then tied little "tags" to each one.  They said things like "drink the night before your wedding" "drink after the birth of your first child" "drink after your first fight".  I know they put a certain kind of wine with each tag but I can't remember what all the tags were or what the kinds of wine were.  Anyone heard of what I'm talking about and could help me out with this???  I would really like to do this for them because I think it would be really special...She is a wine lover...but can't remember enough details to pull it off.  TIA for any help!!!

Re: DIY Wine Gift

  • I did this for my sister and I personalized it for things they liked.  For example, First Eagles win (they are from Philly) and other events from their city.
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  • That is GENIUS. I'm stealing that for my good friends wedding since her and her fiance love wine as much as we do! Thanks for the idea :)
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