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He Proposed X-MAS eve

My boyfriend (now fiance) proposed on Christmas Eve. I knew that he had the ring I just didnt know when. My entire family and all of his family knew exactly what he would do.

Well he took me up to a hill that overlooks our entire town and told me to try to find my house with his really powerful camera lens. So we spent some time looking for some and kept searching and taking pics of each other. Then he told me to look through the pictures that we have taken and as I am going backwards I see a picture of my engagement ring. I start laughing and say "hun you took a pic of my engagement ring and now I can see it before you propose."  I turn around cuz he doesnt say anything and he has taken the ring out of his pocket and is down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He is convinced i didnt even say yes just giggled and squealed happily. So now after over 5 years of dating and many obstacles we are engaged and ready to spend the rest of our lives together.
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Re: He Proposed X-MAS eve

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