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FSIL as bridesmaid or something else!?! Please help...long

OK, FI has 4 GM and I have 3 BM (one is MOH, but the whole title thing is another post!) and 1 jr BM.  I am debating to ask one of my girlfriends or FSIL to be a bridesmaid.  Girlfriend and I have been friends for about ten years and she listened to me rave about FI then and kept insisting I tell him how I feel (I did, years later he proposed;)  Anywho, she and I do not talk on a regular basis but maintain contact.

FSIL and I have a good relationship and she is happy her brother and I are getting married.  My concern about this scenario:  recently, FMIL accused me of some really weird things (i.e. digging up the yard and burying things in it which caused her to have a bad time @ work- I do not dabble in whoodoo, voodoo, or anything of the sort!) and then said I was not welcomed at her house.  Well, I have a good idea she spoke of these things with FSIL and I am really concerned as to how this may impact upon me having her in the wedding party.  FI says to not worry about it because FSIL is giving us an e-party because she is happy and, if I want FSIL in the wedding I should ask.  The other thought is to have FSIL read scripture at the wedding to include her without titles.  I am just wondering if having her in the wedding party will make me paranoid FMIL is telling her crazy things.  BTW- FMIL asked FI on Christmas eve if I was coming to her house for Christmas..mind you this was after she said I am not welcome to her house.  To date, she has not directly said I am invited to her house and I have not been there.  Believe me, I could go on.....
Thanks for reading...I really needed to get all of that out  & more!

Re: FSIL as bridesmaid or something else!?! Please help...long

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    I would ask the friend who you have been with for 10 years. Seems like there is less strings attached than with FSIL. While FSIl is great, she is still the daughter of FMIL and who knows how that will make FMIL react later when FSIl is a bridesmaid.
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    Ask your friend... GL!
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    Go with your friend who has been there for you over the last 10 years.  Plus it will save you the drama later.  GL with your decision.
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    Thx for the replies...I asked my girlfriend and she screamed "yes"!  We have decided on a role for his sister.
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