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Wedding planning in general

I need help overall. Anyone with experience please help, lol

Re: Wedding planning in general

  • Haha, I know how you feel. One thing I did that made me feel a lot better was go and buy a wedding organizer. I know they have them online, but I felt better with something I could carry around, it was all in one place, and I could check it to see what I needed to do and by when. I got the Ultimate Wedding Organizer, but really any bookstore will have a selection. I won't lie... I sat there and read every single one and chose the one that I felt gave me the most direction.

    First thing you need to do is figure out your budget, and if your budget is large enough for a wedding planner, go ahead and do that! If not, then I highly suggest the wedding organizer, although I probably would've gotten one even if I had the budget for a planner. I find it reassuring to have all my information in one place.

    Budget and date are the two biggest things, because everything is going to depend on them. I see you've got a summer 2012 wedding... that means that you have a LOT of time. So my other advice is BREATHE and relax =D This is gonna be fun. However, I've also found that getting stuff done early HELPS me relax, but it's also good to just take things one step at a time (and as A type personality as I am, the timeline in my wedding organizer really helped =)

    Also, read through some of the threads on here, especally the Moms & Maids and the Wedding Party, and take the advice from them and don't choose your bridal party right away! For some reason it's the first thing everyone wants to do, but it doesn't need to be done right away and the farther away you are from your date when you ask them, the more likely there could be some changes in your relationships with them.

    Since you have so much time, do a lot of research and reading. There's a lot of good information on the knot, and the ladies on the boards have a LOT of experience, so any specific questions you have they'll def be able to help you with.
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  • TK and google are your friends.
  • Specific questions will get you specific answers.
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  • Yeah, you're going to have to be more specific.
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  • Agreed with PPs, just a call for help won't get very far as there are many different parts of a wedding to need help with!
  • You're on the right website, look around at photos on TK, and read forums like this :)
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