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October 2011 Weddings

THE Dress?

Okay, so I think I found my dress, but I'm having trouble deciding whether or not to order because I'm not getting the "it's my dress feeling" that you're supposed to have when you find the one.
Additionally I'm planning on losing some weight before the wedding and I'm afraid that if i order the dress now it might be too big next October.
Combine this with the fears that it might be discontinued if I don't order it now, or that I might fall in love with another dress between now and then, as well as the fact that the store does not do refunds or exchanges and I'm a wishy washy mess.

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated. I plan to  post a pic later but don't have the time to right now without it being huge.

Re: THE Dress?

  • My honest opinion is that you should wait.
    First, I think it's too early for anyone to buy a dress that isn't at the very least exchangeable, especially given that you don't know if you're going to be able to fit into it.  
    Second, from reading your post, I get the impression you aren't very confident that it's THE dress.  If this was absolutely THE dress, then the size thing may not be a huge issue, but I just don't get that gushy happy "this is it!!" feeling from your post.

    I think you should wait.  Time is on our side, don't rush into buying something you're not thrilled with. 

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  • BTW...I don't know where you're buying from, but if it's David's Bridal, they will let you exchange the same dress for a different size if you explain when you buy it. 
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  • If you your absolutely 110% sure this is the dress than order it and get it sized after you lose weight(just make sure you don't wait till the last moment)and DON'T try any more dresses on,if it's not the dress then keep looking you still have plenty of time.
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  • HinajHinaj member
    Wait for it!!  You have plenty of time to find THE DRESS.  Don't panic and get a second best dress because it might be discontinued, because if you come across your perfect dresss you will regret the purchase.  Take you time, and see what you really want and wait for your perfect dress.  Also, if you are losing weight, I would hold off till you are close to the size you want to achieve and that should still give you plenty of time to buy the dress.
  • I would say wait for a bit too and REALLY think about it.  Btw, this thread=fail because I want PICTURES lady!  Anyways, make sure it's the one you definitely want and go shopping at a few more stores as well.  I have 1 also in the back of my mind, but I definitely want to shop around a bit more.
  • I would defintely wait. I have a dress that I liked, but know its not the one and I am still shopping around. I think from your post that you are not too excited for the dress so I would keep looking around so you don't make a mistake.
  • Ditto everyone else. Time is on your side. I haven't even bothered looking yet, because I know if I start, I'll fall in love with everything. I'm just gonna wait as long as possible!! 
  • The fact that you have a question mark at the end of your subject just sums it all up for me. You don't sound like you have picked "The Dress" yet. Also I have heard that dress stores will tell you that the dress that you are looking at is going to be discontinued so that you will just buy something! I am hoping that is not true but.....I bet that it is. We still have sooooo much time to find the dress that I have not even began to look yet (not that there is anything wrong with looking).

    The main reason that I have been putting it off, is that I am planning to lose *ahem* some *ahem* weight. I think that the kind of dress that will look good on my body will be completely different from now to then. I don't want to get my "fat" dress and put it on my spankin new hot body lol!

    Good luck and Kristy is right, I WANNA SEE PICTURES!!!!!!
  • I think you can choose the dress at the moment, then buy it after you lose the weight, do you think so?
  • I was in the same boat. I ordered my dress in the size that was just a bit too small. I have baby weight to lose, and will just get the dress altered. I didnt get that feeling you would imagine, but I'm not the happy gushy type so that makes sense. I'm glad I ordered though bc my dress is discontinued now and I know it's perfect for me. Go with your gut.
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