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I'm seeing a new doctor.  I've been unhappy with my old PCP for a while - I don't like the way he has me handling my diabetes, and I've been seeing him for 25 years so it was time for a change anyway - not to mention he gave me some medicine a while ago that almost killed me.
Anyhoo - new doctor is a MD and a DO (osteopath).
She has a great plan that will get me off of all of the meds I'm on.  My diabetes meds, allergy and acid reflux, and even anti-depressants.   The plan involves me becoming a vegan. If I can't commit to that, she wants me to cut dairy from my diet entirely and is convinced it will allow me to go off my diabetes meds within a month.
You guys.  All of what she was telling me made sense.  And I like the idea in theory.  If I cut out dairy, processed foods and meat, I can be med-free and eat as much fruit, veggies, legumes and whole grains as I want.  No limits.  Plus I'll probably end up losing 40 lbs.
BUT gosh darnit, I LOVE CHEESE AND BEEF.   I could stop drinking milk and eating chicken, but how can I give up cheese and steaks?  And mayo?
So, I went to her because I wanted a new set of eyes on my conditions - and boy did I get it.  I feel like I need to give it a try.   What I'm doing currently is clearly not working.  I did a lot of online research and reading when I got home from the doctor and got myself pumped up about it - that I can do this.
Here is the real conundrum...
My mom knows the new doctor personally.   They are friends IRL and on FB.  Yesterday, doctor posts something on FB about being against vaccinations.  My mom calls to tell me this last night and it was like a GREAT BIG RECORD SCREECH.
How in the world can I go along with what this woman is telling me if she's an anti-vaccination-crazy person?  I could overlook the vegan stuff - but can I over look this???
What to do, what to do...

AdviSe?  Thoughts?

Re: Conundrum

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    you know that you could still get vaccinations if you like them, regardless of your doctor's beliefs. she might even use a diva cup. does that make you want to swtch even more?

    the only thing that would bother me is if the doctor pushed her beliefs onto me, regardless of how i felt. if the "becoming a vegan" part didn't make you run, this shouldn't have been such a shock IMHO.
  • Ok, the anti-vac thing is weird.  However, will it hurt anything if you try the vegan thing for a month and see how it's going?  Even going gluten-free could make a difference (and you get beef & cheese!) and could be worth looking into.  I had a friend that went GF and it made a huge difference with her health issues.
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  • Do you know all of the details on how she's anti-vac?  

    Honestly, I'd just call and ask her nurse.  "It's been brought to my attention that Dr. Vegan is anti-vaccination.  I'd like more information on that stance, please."  Or if you have a F/U coming up, ask then.  This is something I'd make sure to go directly to the source.  FB is like the telephone game.

    If she refuses to answer your questions, find another doctor.  You need a doctor that is both inline with your ideas of your health and medical knowledge.
  • I just can't get behind a doctor who is anti vac.

    It shows a profound disregard for SCIENCE.  It shows a lack of understanding of basic medical facts.

    I have been at the 'well, what does it hurt to try' point w/ health but...there is a 'cost' to quackery too.
  • Fortunately, I think I'm up to date on my vaccinations, so that's not really the point.  She did more or less say that dairy is the devil and my daughter shouldn't be eating/drinking it either - - I shouldn't have been surprised at all by the anti-vac thing.
    I think I am going to give it a try.  I'm getting my blood work done tomorrow, then plan to cut out all dairy by Monday.   I'll go back in a month and have more blood work done, then we'll meet back up and compare the numbers.  
    Oh, she also said that cutting out dairy could help my migrainesand other headaches.
  • If I had a doctor who was anti-vaccination I'd seriously consider reporting them to the medical board. It's negligent to walk around and spout that nonsense when there is not scientific basis for it I'm wary on the vegan thing. I think incorporating more fruits and vegetables, and minimizing meats and high fat foods (like cheese) is a good thing but full on vegan right away? I'd ease into being a vegetarian and see how that goes.
  • I'll ask her about her anti-vac stance at my followup appointment in March.  
    The vegan diet to treat Type II Diabetes is accepted by the American Diabetes Association, so she's not a complete quack on that.
    Like I said - the no-dairy thing makes complete sense to me and I'm willing to give it a try.  If the results are as amazing as she says, maybe I'll cut out meat, too.
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    [QUOTE]I<strong>f I had a doctor who was anti-vaccination I'd seriously consider reporting them to the medical board. It's negligent to walk around and spout that nonsense when there is not scientific basis for it</strong>
    Posted by PMeg819[/QUOTE]

    <div>I'm with you. I'll definitely find out more, directly from her.</div>
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    good luck! worst case scenario is that you have to find a new doctor. but if she helps with the very important issues, then this could be a good thing.

    it's weird to me that a medical, licensed PhD doctor is anti-vax. a chiropractor? sure! regular MD who went to school and could prescribe meds? weird.

  • Wz, that's why I wondered.  There are so many things that can be misconstrued on FB when people read it.  I've cut and pasted a quote, put what I was making fun of after it and had people respond to just the quote.
  • I would have a hard time continuing to see someone who is anti vax.  I'd go straight to the source on that.  It doesn't mean she's wrong on the vegan thing, but I'd hate to take my small children or myself into a waiting room of unvaxed people.
  • Meh, I can understand her stance (if I scrunch my eyes and groan), but I hope/assume she doesn't expect you to sign up to her beliefs 100%.

    I also was a little *fist pump* at vegan to "cure" or help with the issues you mentioned.  Trying it can't really hurt.  Just make sure you supplement what you might miss.
  • If you want to "give the vegan thing a try" and ease into it, look into the Beachbody Ultimate Reset cleanse that i am doing, and just continue with the week 2 and 3 meals for a few more weeks. 

    warning: it's a little pricey for the program (+ supplements)

    the meals are filling and pretty balanced . Week 1 eases you off of the meat and dairy (no cheese at all) so you're not eating meat past day 2 and yogurt past week 1. Some of the food had been pretty good, and I will incorporate it into my regular rotation, but dammit, i'm sick of salads, and it's only been 15 days. (practically every lunch is a salad). 

    you could also start trying out vegetarian/vegan recipes a few days each week and see where it goes. 
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