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July 2011 Weddings

Limo Color...?

So I decided even though the church and hotel are only about 100 yards apart, I just can't see myself climbing out of my Jetta in my wedding dress.  So we are going to get a limo for the bridal party. Just a basic limo, and for 2 hours instead of some over priced wedding package.  So I call to get info, and they will get back to me tomorrow and let me know if they are available.  Now don't take offense if you disagree, but it has always just been my personal opinion that white limos are tacky looking. I think black is much more elegant, when I told the guy I preferred black, he acted like I was crazy "for a wedding? really? that's strange, but we have it if that's what you want"

Is there something wrong with a black limo? Am I missing something, or out of the loop?

Oh and to make my case, I would just like to point out that Carrie and Big had black town cars. LOL

So what do you girls think? Is a black limo crazy? Does anyone else feel the same as me about white limos? Tell me your honest opinions please!!!! and thank you!

Re: Limo Color...?

  • I think a black limo looks WAY cooler than a white one.
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    [QUOTE] <strong>Oh and to make my case, I would just like to point out that Carrie and Big had black town cars. LOL </strong>So what do you girls think? Is a black limo crazy? Does anyone else feel the same as me about white limos? Tell me your honest opinions please!!!! and thank you!
    Posted by apaadzzzz[/QUOTE]
    I obviously would have pointed out the same exact thing!! lol<div>
    </div><div>I don't think there's anything wrong with a black limo.  We are having a party bus bc I don't want a limo at all.  I think a lot of people prefer white for the wedding, but I actually like the black better.</div>
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  • Thanks ladies, I will tell them I want black, and yes FOR A WEDDING! LOL He made me feel crazy, so I started doubting myself!
  • Definitely black. I think the only time I've see a white limo is in The Wedding Singer so...yeah black would be my choice too.
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  • first of all, yaHHH FOR Jettas :) I love mine :)  I think Black will look classy.  I have been seeing hot pink limos and I know that would be tacky for the wedding, but I can't help but dream haha.  I think it would be taking my love for pink too far in this case and I'm sure FI as well as my family would put up a fight.  I wouldn't want one for the wedding day, but if the bachelorette party includes one I won't be telling them otherwise.
  • I agree..black is sweet.
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  • A black limo sounds nice and classy to me. We aren't having a limo because of budget but I have considered renting a large black SUV from a local car dealer. It's a pretty good deal because you can get it for an extended weekend for about $75. I figure FFIL could drive and it would basically just be used for transportation, not photos or anything.
  • Black.  Period.  And, if you feel yourself caving ... whatever you do, don't go with a bubblegum pink stretch Hummer.  Yeah, black.

  • could be worse than white!!!!!!
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  • To each their own...I would never think twice about seeing a bridal party step out of a black limo.

    Haha love the SATC reference!
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  • We are doing a party bus and ours is white b/c this is the newest one that is just getting built and it looks sleeker on the outside because of the new design. But I wouldn't think twice about a black limo at all. If we were doing an actual limo, we probably would have gotten black.

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  • Love the black.
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  • I would pick black if I were getting one. White looks like 80s prom to me. 
  • Black is beautiful!!! Go for the classy one.
  • Black limo sounds great and chic.  :)  I'm not doing one at all - not in the budget.
  • I want a black limo too and many people have given me a side eye about it.  No offense to anyone but white limos are just cheese ball IMO.  I haven't contacted any limo companies yet (ughhh I'm so behind) but I read on my local board that black limos are very hard to get for weddings in the area.  I see some fights with limo companies in my near future;)  Get your black limo and tell everyone to piss off!
  • i like black too.

    but, all the party buses around here are white.  oh welll...just a mode of transportation for me!
  • I'm late to the thread, but I'm soooooooooooo happy  you booked the black limo.  I DESPITE white limos... they scream "prom" to me.
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